GSEP 2X5 Mind & Mindset Shift Techniques

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Cleanliness & Purification

A lecture delivered at the women’s symposium. Listen to Dr. Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi as she opens the discussion with Surah Al-Baqarah Q2v222.
Further, she explores physical, spiritual, and moral cleansing (Generally, and recently, the first aspect of cleansing has been widely accepted. But the second and third are yet to be globally embraced–an overlooked priceless solution to end the global pandemic).
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Guidance on Navigating Relationships

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Listen to Dr. Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi as she talks about Outdated Mentors, Jealous Friendship, Envious Colleagues, & Parasitic Relationships.

Moving or Returning to the University?

Listen to Dr. Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi as she explores academic matters with a group of students and graduates.

Transitioning to & Navigating HEIs or Universities

How can students respond to HEIs expectations?
What are the best ways to cope with universities’ challenges?
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Dr. Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi | E.A.S.E
Entrepreneurship Expert-Academic Scholar & Author-Strategist & Serial Entrepreneur-Educator.


No Matter What Be Thankful!
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Global Business & Entrepreneurship

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About this course

Skill level: All Levels

Languages: English

Captions: Yes

Lectures: 10

Video: 3.5 total hours

Features: Available on iOS and Android

How to apply/enroll

Follow the link below to Udemy Course web site:


Do you want to start/grow your post-COVID-19 business enterprise?

Are you considering an alternative/additional source stream?

If yes, learn the core essentials of business and discover the fundamentals of entrepreneurship with illustrations of real-life cases and examples from a diverse context.

What You Will Learn:

•Familiarizing with the global Knowledge Hub Methods

•Setting up your business and Selecting the best business or trading name

•Approaching & embedding ethics in your enterprise

•Increasing your global discoverability & re-imagining your business future and the future you

•Mastering the fundamentals of Global Business and Entrepreneurship

•Becoming a resilient Global Entrepreneur

•Understanding the practical application of entrepreneurship models in a global context

•Adapting successful entrepreneurs’ model from an international context

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the core essentials of business and entrepreneurship fundamentals with illustrations to real-life cases and examples.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • N/A

Who this course is for:

  • All Levels

About the Instructor

InstructorUser photoDr. Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi

Entrepreneurship Expert & Educator

I’m self-identified as E.A.S.E –

Entrepreneurship Expert

Academic Scholar & Author of Global Corporate Entrepreneurship and Global Business Hybridization: Perspectives, Practices, Principles & Policies

Strategist & Serial Entrepreneur


Previously, Kafayat was a Course Leader and Lecturer on the London Metropolitan University Business Management Programme and has worked in education at all levels as well as in businesses. She has been involved in designing programmes, lecturing, and leading workshops.

Central to all her work is the concept of humanity- helping and empowering people to be the best they can.

Happy Learning!


Business Essential: Getting Started & Setting Up Business

How can you select and set up the best business or trading name? In celebration of the United Nations MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) Day, I dedicate this lecture to Global Self-Education Platform Youth Summer Series.
Dr. Kafayat provides insight into getting started, setting up, and moving forward.
Exemplifying with real-life business cases, she explains descriptive names and highlights how to choose a perfect business or trading name.
She emphasizes that if your business name is your brand then make it accessible and memorable.

Feasibililty or Visibility: Both

To what extent does feasibility inform visibility?
In this GSEP Insight series, while differentiating with practical examples between feasibility and visibility, Dr. Kafayat outlines some of the ways by which you can make yourselve and/or business known in your various fields/disciplines/business outlets.

Relationship Management: Marriage & Family

How prepared are you? What is your understanding of each other’s world?

In this GSEP Insight series, Dr. Kafayat talks about the intense connection between marital life and family affairs.
She highlights some key principles and conditions associated with marriage and family.
She acknowledges that the importance of addressing this as a 2-in-1 lecture is to inform wealth creation strategies through marriage and family deals.
She provides a series of questions for reflection.