Quranic Reflection!

‘Ramadan Series’ – a Qur’anic teaching vis-à-vis reflections (reminders and lessons).

‘Post-Ramadan Dawah’ – a continuation of the Ramadan Series beyond the Sacred Month.

“Our Lord! make us truly righteous, bowing to Thy Will (in full submission), and of our progeny (and offsprings) an Ummah, bowing to Thy Will; and show us our place for the celebration of (due) rites; and turn unto us (in Mercy); for Thou art the Oft-Returning, Most Merciful”. Q2:128
May God Almighty continue to enrich us in knowledge and make learning and teaching more beneficial.


Episode 15 is a continuation of the analysis of the HUMAN TYPOLOGIES QUR’ANIC SERIES, and as written at the beginning of Surah #Baqarah, God classifies *three types of humans:*1. the #Muttaqeen, the God-Fearing (2:2-5) 2. the #Kafireen, the non-believer (2: 6,7) and 3. the #Munafiqeen, the hypocrite (2:8-19).

In this #Episode15*, we are looking at the overarching description of the second typology – the KAFIREEN

“Miserable is the price for which they have sold their souls, in that they deny (the revelation) which Allah has sent down, in insolent envy that Allah of His Grace should send it to any of His servants He pleases: Thus have they drawn on themselves Wrath upon Wrath. And humiliating is the punishment of those who reject Faith”.

“When it is said to them, “Belief in what Allah Hath sent down, “they say, “We believe in what was sent down to us:” yet they reject all besides, even if it be Truth confirming what is with them.

Say: “Why then have ye slain the prophets of Allah in times gone by, if ye did indeed believe?””There came to you Moses with clear (Signs), yet ye worshipped the calf (Even) after that, and ye did behave wrongfully”.

“And remember We took your covenant and We raised above you (the towering height) of Mount (Sinai): (Saying): “Hold firmly to what We have given you and hearken (to the Law)”: They said:” We hear, and we disobey:” And they had to drink into their hearts (of the taint) of the calf because of their FAITHLESSNESS.

Say: “Vile indeed are the behests of your Faith if ye have any faith!”Say: “If the last Home, with Allah, be for you especially, and not for anyone else, then seek ye for death, if ye are sincere””But they will never seek for death, on account of the (sins) which their hands have sent on before them. and Allah is well-acquainted with the WRONG-DOERS”.

“Thou wilt indeed finds them, of all people, most greedy of life,-even more than the IDOLATERS: Each one of them wishes He could be given a life of a thousand years: But the grant of such life will not save him from (due) punishment. For Allah sees well all that they do”.

“Say: Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel-for he brings down the (revelation) to thy heart by Allah’s will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings for those who believe,-“Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and messengers, to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith”.

“We have sent down to thee Manifest Signs (ayat); and none reject them but those who are PERVERSE”.”Is it not (the case) that every time they make a covenant, some party among them throw it aside?- Nay, Most of them are faithless- the KAFIREEN”.

Surah Al Baqarah Q2:90-100

As revealed in the above verses, the KAFIREEN (faithlessness) are associated with certain identities. Thus, as the Lord describes further in His words:

“They followed what the evil ones gave out (falsely) against the power of Solomon: the blasphemers Were, not Solomon, but the evil ones, teaching men Magic, and such things as came down at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone (Such things) without saying: “We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme”. They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife. But they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah’s permission. And they learned what harmed them, not what profited them. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls if they but knew!” Q2:102

Given the above verses with their coherent interpretations, clearly, God’s definition of these words “The Muttaqeen”, “The Kafireen” and “The Munafiqeen”, give us *CHOICES*– as to which direction and path we are leading to and/or following.

Remember, it’s never too late to make the right choice – in regards to taking the right direction and following the right path.

Don’t forget as HE has provided us with choices, also, “Allah will CHOOSE for His special Mercy whom He will – for Allah is Lord of grace abounding” Q2:105

And “whoever submits His whole self to Allah and is a doer of good,- He will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve” Q2:112.

“Those who reject faith therein,- the loss is their own”. Q2:121


“O Children of Israel! call to mind the special favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all others (for My Message). Then guard yourselves against a Day when one soul shall not avail another, nor shall compensation be accepted from her nor shall intercession profit her nor shall anyone be helped (from outside)”. Q122-123

Do the Unbelievers think that they can take My servants as protectors besides Me? Verily, We have prepared Hell for the Unbelievers for (their) entertainment”. Surah #Kahf Q18:102

May God Almighty continue to enrich us in knowledge and make learning and teaching more beneficial.

Apart from our own social classifications, in the beginning of Surah #Baqarah, God classifies three types of humans:

  1. the #Muttaqeen, the God-Fearing (2:2-5)
  2. the #Kafireen, the non-believer (2: 6,7) and
  3. the #Munafiqeen, the hypocrite (2:8-19).

In this Episode 14, we are looking at the description of the first typology – the MUTTAQEEN
“This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah; Who believe in the Unseen, are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them; And who believe in the Revelation sent to thee, and sent before thy time, and (in their hearts) have the assurance of the Hereafter. They are on (true) guidance, from their Lord, and it is these who will prosper”.
Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:2-5

While the above definition of a MUTTAQEEN is brief, further in the same Surah verse 177, a detailed description was provided as follows:
“It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces Towards east or West; but it is righteousness- to believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practice regular charity; to fulfil the contracts which ye have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the Allah-fearing”.
Surah Al Baqarah Q2:177

Given the above verses with their coherent interpretations, clearly, God’s definition of these words “The Muttaqeen”, “The Kafireen” and “The Munafiqeen”, give us choices– as to which direction and path we are leading to and/or following.

Remember, it’s never too late to make the right choice – in regards to taking the right direction and following the right path.

Surah Ar #Raaf Q7:96

Literally, #TAQWAH means ‘Fear of God’.
The Quran distinctively identifies ‘TAQWAH’ as the unique quality of a true believer (not over-pious or super-religious individuals). It writes:
“This is a book in which there is no doubt, a guidance for the Muttaqin (the God-fearing ones)”
Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:2

“O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared”
Surah Al #Imraan Q3:102

Fearing Allah prevents true believers from becoming wrong-doers.
TAQWAH distances us from engaging in bad actions and doing wrong deeds which are prohibited by divine command and law (keeping us within the commandments of the Almighty).
TAQWAH is our conscious minds. The ‘Consciousness of Allah’ that reminds us of what can be harmful to our spirituality.

TAQWAH is a ‘Divine Guard’. It guides our morale; behaviours and conducts towards doing good deeds.

As we have seen in the story of Khidr (A.S.W).
“As for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city; and beneath it, there was a treasure belonging to them; and their father was a righteous man, and their Lord intended that they should attain their age of full strength and take out their treasure as a mercy from your Lord”. Surah Al #Kahf Q18:82
The reward of a pious and righteous father was extended to his offsprings.
Also, the reward was extremely beneficial to the children of his children.

As promised, the God-fearing will be bountifully and substantially sustained. The Noble Book reveals:
“And He will provide for them from sources they could never imagine. Indeed, Allah will sufficiently accomplish His promise”
Surah At #Talaq Q65:3

“And if the people of the towns believed and had been God-Fearing (TAQWAH), certainly We would have opened for them blessings from the heavens and the earth” Surah Ar Raaf Q7:96

Through the blessings from TAQWAH, God guarantees us ease and the strength to bear difficulties without losing faith or hope.
“And whoever fears Allah, He will make for him a way out…And whoever fears Allah, He will make for him ease in his matter”.
Surah At-Talaq Q65:2+4.

As suffice in the Glorious Book, God promises inner peace and great bounty of high status to the people of TAQWAH (righteous believers).

It writes:
“It is He (Allah) who sent down tranquility (calmness and serenity) into the hearts of the true believers”.
Surah Al #Fath Q48:4

The Lord says further:
“For those who have TAQWAH, there is Triumph (Paradise)”
Surah An #Nabaa Q78:31.

Surely, the God-fearing piously righteous ones will always comply with the divine commandments, doctrines, and laws believing well that salvation is theirs.

So, fear God before:

  1. Acting
  2. Dealing/Transacting
  3. Engaging
  4. Speaking/Writing
  5. Passing Judgment
  6. Spending and many other #deeds

The concept of TAQWAH suggests that in your business, marriage and relationship, friendship, partnership, working practices, and premises, FEAR ALLAH!

Therefore, in our daily activities, we should embed Ittaqullah – TAQWAH

This is very important because as the stars 🌟 beautify the sky, a true believer with TAQWAH relevantly beautifies the world.

Read More 👇



LORD! You are the BEST to purify, please, instill piety and righteousness in our souls.
Ya Allah! enrich us with beneficial knowledge.
O Allah! strengthen us with your command and empower us with TAQWAH to accomplish our daily affairs (and aspirations) gracefully and gloriously 🙏

Kindly, recite and reflect on Surah Kahf Q18 every Friday.

Don’t forget to share if you can to benefit others too.



Happiness is a good life (it does not mean that we will not encounter challenges in our good lives) feeling.
It is the fulfilment and contentment feelings we have in any circumstances even during difficulties and bad situations.

There is a blessing and reason for all situations because, as we know, all that happens is known to God. This notion helps us accept our difficulties, and seek for blessings.
Though happiness represents spiritual aspects (feelings), how and where we derive it, may not necessarily be connected with religious doctrines.

Happiness otherwise known as ‘Falah’ constitutes six P components: Purpose, Peace, Positivity, Patience, Personal Responsibility, and Pleasure (Pleasant Ease).
Some of these components can be enjoyed by any individuals herein and Hereafter.

PURPOSE: “…He may test which of you is best in deeds…”
Surah Al #Mulik Q67:2
“…But the enduring good deeds are better…”
Surah Al #Kahf Q18:46

Understanding our higher purpose encourages us to prioritize and pursue our inner PEACE.

PEACE: Perhaps, feeling good motivates us to engage in good deeds and actions.
“By time, surely, man is in loss, save those who believe and do good deeds, and enjoin on each other patience”.
Surah Al #Asr Q103:1-3

POSITIVITY: Our focus on the good makes everything looks beautiful. Therefore, appreciating things and those in our lives generates a sense of humor and feeling or being grateful (giving thanks and gratitude).

The Glorious Book teaches us that the apex point of development and growth is our ability to learn wisdom and reflect.
It says: “…He allowed you to reach maturity…so that you may reflect”
Surah Al #Ghafir Q40:67

During a great loss; when Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) bereaved the death of another child, he was consoled with and encouraged to focus on positivity. “Indeed, We have granted you (PBUH) Surah Al #Kawthar – abundant goodness; a grand river in Paradise”. Q108:1

PATIENCE: When we do not know what to do, patient becomes a choice.
According to the Glorious Book, problems are parts of our lives. “We shall certainly test you with fear and hunger, and loss of properties, lives, crops. But give good news to those who are patient”.
Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:155.
This world is the abode of tests and trials. Allah says: “Every soul shall have a taste of death: and We test you by evil and by good by way of trial, and to Us is your return” Q21: 35
Therefore, problems are opportunities for us to learn.

According to the Glorious Book, we are responsible for looking for ways forward (solutions) and improving our lives.
“They (Adam and Eve) said, “our Lord, we have wronged ourselves…”
Surah Al #Araf Q7:23.

“Surely, Our Lord does not change the conditions in which people are until they change what is in themselves…”
Surah Ar #Rad Q13:11

From the inside out, personal responsibility empowers us to generate peaceful happiness from within.

“…Surely, with every hardship comes ease”
Surah Al #Sharh Q94:5
Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we wonder how have we ended up in such.
Islam vis-a-vis the above verse teaches us to have hope

This life is not a perfect world. So, be contented and pleased!

Religiously, happiness is achieved through true devotion, salvation from Hell, and admission to Paradise in the Hereafter.
“The day it arrives, no soul shall speak except by His leave: of those (gathered) some will be wretched (unhappy) and some will be happily blessed”. Surah Al #Hud Q11:105.


If you fear the misdeeds of the oppressors, remember to say: “Allah Alone is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of our affairs”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:173

And because Sufficient is your Lord as a Guide and Helper.
Surah Al #Furqan Q25: 31

No one is capable of fighting against misfortunes, nor can s/he fend off the blows of disaster as they strike. This is because (hu)man was created fragile. However, in turbulent times, the believer places his/her dependency and trust with his/her Lord; he knows that all difficulties can be overcome at ease.

“And put your trust in Allah if you are indeed believers”.
Surah Al #Maida Q5: 23

Please, recite Surah Al #Fil Q105 in the first Rakat of Fajr salat (after the recitation of al #Fatihah).


Surah Al #Imraan Q3:85


“He who desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter, he/she will be among the losers (loss all spiritual good)” Surah Al #Imraan Q3:85

Literally, ‘Islam’ is the peaceful and total ‘submission’ to the will of God.

°Al Qur’an – The clear, complete, and consistent Book.
°The Qibla – Why is it the special network and signal point of ‘satellite dish’ worldwide?
°Garden of Galilee (Nazareth and Cana) – Which Book provides a comprehensive account of Jesus’ miracles?
°The Messenger’s (Mohammad S.A.W.) Revelation – Read 📖 Surah Al Alaq Q96:1
°Masjid Al-Aqsa – What must be done by the people before entrance is permitted?
°Ablution – Cleaningness and Purification
°Salat – Prayer
°Ayat Kursi Q2:255;
Surah Al Ikhlas Q112;
Surah An Naz – (Hu) mankind Q114
°A bird (parrot) regularly supplicates for and to Allah’s Oneness in Jerusalem


For Self-Discovery and Reflection

The Book (Al Quran):
“For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears”.

1 Corinthians 13:9-10

To Read (The Book):
“For you, this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll. And if you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say, “Read this, please,” they will answer, “I can’t; it is sealed. Or if you give the scroll to someone who cannot read, and say, “Read this, please,” they will answer, “I don’t know how to read”

Isaiah 29:11-12

“It is He (Allah) Who has sent down the best message—a Book of perfect consistency and repeated lessons (a self-consistent book of best teaching)—which causes the skin and hearts of those who fear their Lord to tremble, then their skin and hearts soften at the mention of the mercy of Allah. That is, the guidance of Allah, through which He guides whoever He wills. But whoever Allah leaves to stray will be left with no guide”.
Surah Az-Zumar Q39:23

Intervention Calling (He Never Sleep):
“Awake, Lord! Why do you sleep? Rouse yourself! Do not reject us forever. Why do you hide your face and forget our misery and oppression?”

Psalms 44:23-23

Wine Condemnation:
“Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise”.

Proverbs 20:1

Contradictions of Wine Condemnations:
1 Timothy 5:23
Jeremiah 25:27

Other Biblical Misrepresentations:
Solomon 7:6-8; 11-12
Solomon 8:8


Prayer for the Day
“Every messenger whom We have sent used his own people’s language, so that he might make [the Truth] clear to them, but God lets whoever wants to stray [go astray], and guides whoever He wants [to be guided]. He alone is Almighty, and The Wise”.
Surah Al Ibrahim Q14:4

“And ease my task for me”
Surah At-Taha Q20:26

“…Allah guides whom He wills. And He knows best those who are the guided”
Surah Al-Qasas Q28:56.

“…And for those who fear Allah, He will make their path easy”
Surah At-Talaq Q65:4

Ya Allah! make easy our daily activities and affairs. Please, continue to guide us and let’s die as true believers.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MID-NIGHT PRAYERS (SALATS)? Given that we live and operate in a temporarily-driven world, praying during the night is highly beneficial for our Hereafter.

Qiyamullail is ANY two rakaat (at least) of Sunnah prayer, performed at nights, with the intention to observe the Qiyamullail. Though Tahajjud prayers are part of Qiyamullail, not all Qiyamullail prayers are Tahajjud. The Tahajjud prayer is a minimum of two rakaat Sunnah prayer like the Taraweeh prayer.So, while Qiyamullail is generic, Tahajjud is specific.

When he (Prophet Muhammad) was asked, as seen in the hadith narrated by Imam Al-Bukhari: “Allah has forgiven you, your faults of the past and those to follow”. He (S.A.W.) said, “Shouldn’t I be a thankful slave of Allah?” The hadith taught us that one of the ways to show our gratitude to Allah is through Qiyamullail. Therefore, it is not only during trying times or when we are afflicted or want our Dua to be answered that we do Qiyamullail. We should make it our habits to perform Qiyamullail even when times are good or easy. The Prophet (s.a.w.) reminded us:

مَنْ سَرَّهُ أَنْ يَسْتَجِيبَ اللَّهُ لَهُ عِنْدَ الشَّدَائِدِ وَالْكُرَبِ فَلْيُكْثِرِ الدُّعَاءَ فِي الرَّخَاءِ Whoever wishes that Allah would respond to him during hardship and grief, then let him supplicate plentifully when at ease.(Sunan At-Tirmizi)

In conclusion, utilize Qiyamullail to (i) do dua (prayers); (ii) do Istigfar (seeking for forgiveness); (iii) read and reflect on the Glorious Book. PRAYER FOR THE DAY:LORD of infinity Mercy, please, grant us inner peace, ease our daily activities, and life struggles. And seal our hearts with your unending love and TAQWAH. AMEEN

#FRIDAY (JUMMAH) REMINDER:Please, every Friday, remember to recite and reflect on Surah Al #Kahf and Surah Al #Yaseen along with your daily #ADHKAR#GSEPRAYERS#QIYAMULLAIL#TAHAJJUD#MIDNIGHTPRAYERS#SALAT


Some things happen in life beyond human comprehension. While certain things might make so much sense to us, others sometimes do not or even work out at all. The set of verses in this Episode highlights the temporal realm of this life which evolve around and contain challenges and difficulties. The most important upliftment is your strength and hope (being patient-centered and steadfastly persevere) to sustain and endure beyond that period; believing that the difficulty and hardship will be over, while turning to and relying on God for help is paramount. In turn, it helps you to get through it with cheerful and happy ending.

“Allah does not charge a soul except (with that within) its capacity” (Q2:286). This verse reminds us that God knows us better than ourself.


To you O Lord, we lift up our soul, in you we trust. Our God! Remember us. O Lord, confer on us Your great MERCY and LOVE ♥ According to Your love, please, remember us always. (See also Psalm 25) “And remember when Job cried out to his Lord, “I have been touched with adversity, and You are the Most Merciful of the merciful”. Surah Al #Anbya Q21:83

May God Almighty grant us the courage and fortitude to steadfastly moving forward.


Kindly recite Surah Al #Kahf Q18 and #YaSeen Q36 along with your daily Adhkar.READ MORE 👇

Wishing You All a Faithful Friday!



Being thankful in all circumstances (for every situation is the will of God) helps us develop our trust in the Lord and helps us to remain humble. Most often we tend to show much of our appreciation and gratitude only when we encounter positive experiences. However, we must also learn to appreciate HIM for the negative experiences (sometimes, they occur to develop us).
Therefore, our gratitude must be related to the good and the bad sides of our lives. Thanking God in difficult situations can also help us to appreciate the good times more.

Whoever recites لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل قدير (La ilaha illallahu wahdahu la sharika lahu lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa ‘ala kulli shay in qadir) one hundred times in the day will receive the reward of freeing 10 slaves, one hundred rewards will be written for him and one hundred sins wiped away, and he will be protected from Shaytan for the remainder of the day.
Please, don’t forget to fast on the ARAFAT DAY (TOMORROW)
“LABAIK ALLAHUMA LABAIK” is the pilgrims’ supplication as the declaration of our identities and intentions to perform the Hajj. This universal prayer is incessantly invoked and brings tranquility and happiness.
“… Verily, with every hardship comes ease…”
We shall all continue to experience the unwavering support and limitless blessings of God during and beyond the easing and waiting periods.


Dhul Hijjah is the 12th month in the Islamic Calendar. Fasting on the first 10 days will expiate for the sins of two years. These days also include the Day of Sacrifice, the greatest day of the entire year, and the greatest day of Hajj – thus, combining the acts of worship in a unique way unlike any other period. So, don’t forget to maximize the first 10 days of DHUL HIJJAH 2021 for the deedful and remembrance of God (Al-hamdu Lillah – All praises be to God, Laa ilaha ill-Allah – There is no god but Allah, Subhaan-Allah – Glory be to God, Astaġfirullāh – Seek forgiveness from God).

In this limitless universe, GOD has created countless numbers of things, but none of them is ugly: He created everything and everyone in its own special form. (see Surah As-Sajda Q32).
“It is He who created you from clay and then decreed an appointed term and a specified time [known] to Him; then [still] you are in dispute”. Surah Al-An’am Q6:2
This is a reminder about and reflection of our own creation. As humans, we should never forget that we were created from dust.
We should remember our reality and stay humble.
God! Please, give us the grace (ore ofe – Yoruba) that enables us to endure all stages of our life journey in a calm manner.
Grant us the privilege to be patient, steadfast, and become pious minds. #GSEPRAYERS
“It is only the devil who would make you fear his partisans. Fear them not; fear Me (God), if ye are true believers”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:175
Rabbana Amanna Faghfirlana warhamna wa anta khairur Rahimin –
Oh, the Cherisher! we have truth unto thee so that you may pardon us, bestow favours on us, and forgive us. You are the Most Merciful and Forgiver of all. Amiin 🤲🤲🤲
Surah Al-#Muminoon – Q23:109










“And complete the Hajj or ‘umra in the service of Allah. But if ye are prevented (From completing it), send an offering for sacrifice, such as ye may find and do not shave your heads until the offering reaches the place of sacrifice. And if any of you is ill, or has an ailment in his scalp, (necessitating shaving), (He should) in compensation either fast, or feed the poor, or offer sacrifice; and when ye are in peaceful conditions (again), if anyone wishes to continue the ‘umra on to the hajj, He must make an offering, such as he can afford, but if he cannot afford it, He should fast three days during the hajj and seven days on his return, Making ten days in all. This is for those whose household is not in (the precincts of) the Sacred Mosque. And fear Allah, and know that Allah Is strict in punishment”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:196

Say: “Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life, and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds: Say: “Shall I seek for (my) Cherisher other than Allah, when He is the Cherisher of all things (that exist)? Every soul draws the meed of its acts on none but itself: no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another. Your goal, in the end, is towards Allah: He will tell you the truth of the things wherein ye disputed”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:162+164

“Do ye make the giving of drink to pilgrims, or the maintenance of the Sacred Mosque, equal to (the pious service of) those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and strive with might and main in the cause of Allah? They are not comparable in the sight of Allah: and Allah guides not those who do wrong”. Surah At #Tawba Q9:19

“Those who do wish for the (things of) the Hereafter, and strive therefor with all due striving, and have Faith,- they are the ones whose striving is acceptable (to Allah)”. Surah Al #Israa Q17:19

“And I have prepared thee for Myself (for service)”. Surah At #Taahaa Q20:41

“To Him belong all (creatures) in the heavens and on earth: Even those who are in His (very) Presence are not too proud to serve Him, nor are they (ever) weary (of His service):” Surah Al #Anbiyah Q21:19

“And strive in His cause as ye ought to strive, (with sincerity and under discipline). He has chosen you, and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion; it is the cult of your father Abraham. It is He Who has named you Muslims, both before and in this (Revelation); that the Messenger may be a witness for you, and ye be witnesses for mankind! So establish regular Prayer, give regular Charity, and hold fast to Allah! He is your Protector – the Best to protect and the Best to help!” Surah Al #Hajj Q22:78

“Or do they say, “He is possessed”? Nay, he has brought them the Truth, but most of them hate the Truth. If the Truth had been in accord with their desires, truly the heavens and the earth, and all beings therein would have been in confusion and corruption! Nay, We have sent them their admonition, but they turn away from their admonition”. Surah Al #Muminoon Q23:70-71

“That is (the Bounty) whereof Allah gives Glad Tidings to His Servants who believe and do righteous deeds. Say: “No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin.” And if anyone earns any good, We shall give him an increase of good in respect thereof: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Ready to appreciate (service)”. Surah Ash #Shuara Q26:23

“For those whose hopes are in the meeting with Allah (in the Hereafter, let them strive); for the term (appointed) by Allah is surely coming and He hears and knows (all things). And if any strive (with might and main), they do so for their own souls: for Allah is free of all needs from all creation”. Surah Al #Ankaboot Q29:5-6

“But any of you that is devout in the service of Allah and His Messenger, and works righteousness,- to her shall We grant her reward twice: and We have prepared for her a generous Sustenance”. Surah Al #Ahzab Q33:31

“For He will pay them their meed, nay, He will give them (even) more out of His Bounty: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Ready to appreciate (service). And they will say: “Praise be to Allah, Who has removed from us (all) sorrow: for our, Lord is indeed Oft-Forgiving Ready to appreciate (service):” Surah Al #Fatir Q35:30+34

“That man can have nothing but what he strives for; That (the fruit of) his striving will soon come in sight: That (the fruit of) his striving will soon come in sight: That to thy Lord is the final Goal;” Surah An #Najm Q53:39-42


“And remember Abraham and Isma’il raised the foundations of the House (With this prayer): “Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us: For Thou art the All-Hearing, the All-knowing”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:127

“Behold! a woman of ‘Imran said: “O my Lord! I do dedicate unto Thee what is in my womb for Thy special service: So accept this of me: For Thou hearest and knowest all things”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:35

“And Noah called upon his Lord, and said: “O my Lord! surely my son is of my family! and Thy promise is true, and Thou art the justest of Judges! He said: “O Noah! He is not of thy family: For his conduct is unrighteous. So ask not of Me that of which thou hast no knowledge! I give thee counsel, lest thou act like the ignorant! Noah said: “O my Lord! I do seek refuge with Thee, lest I ask Thee for that of which I have no knowledge. And unless thou forgive me and have mercy on me, I should indeed be lost!” Surah Al #Hud Q11:45-47

“And (We also saved) Abraham: behold, he said to his people, “Serve Allah and fear Him: that will be best for you- If ye understand! “For ye do worship idols besides Allah, and ye invent falsehood. The things that ye worship besides Allah have no power to give you sustenance: then seek ye sustenance from Allah, serve Him, and be grateful to Him: to Him will be your return”. Surah Al #Ankaboot Q29:16-17

“To the Madyan (people) (We sent) their brother Shu’aib. Then he said: “O my people! serve Allah, and fear the Last Day: nor commit evil on the earth, with intent to do mischief”. Surah Al Ankaboot Q29:36

“But (Pharaoh) rejected it and disobeyed (guidance); Further, he turned his back, striving hard (against Allah). Then he collected (his men) and made a proclamation, saying, “I am your Lord, Most High. But Allah did punish him, (and made an) example of him, – in the Hereafter, as in this life. Verily, in this, is an instructive warning for whosoever feareth (Allah)”. Surah An #Naziaat Q79:21-26

“And we are verily ranged in ranks (for service); And we are verily those who declare (Allah’s) glory!” Surah Al #Saaffaat Q37:165-166


This reflection reminds us of the (i) real truth (ii) serving and striving with sincerity (iii) main message and (iv) Word of God

“For every message, there is a limit of time, and soon shall ye know it. On their account, no responsibility falls on the righteous, but (their duty) is to remind them, that they may (learn to) fear Allah. Leave alone those who take their religion to be mere play and amusement, and are deceived by the life of this world. But proclaim (to them) this (truth): that every soul delivers itself to ruin by its own acts: it will find for itself no protector or intercessor except Allah: if it offered every ransom, (or reparation), none will be accepted: such is (the end of) those who deliver themselves to ruin by their own acts: they will have for a drink (only) boiling water, and for punishment, one most grievous: for they persisted in rejecting Allah”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:67+69+70

“That is because Allah – He is the Reality; and those besides Him whom they invoke,- they are but vain Falsehood: verily Allah is He, Most High, Most Great. It is He Who gave you life, will cause you to die, and will again give you life: Truly man is a most ungrateful creature!” Surah Al #Hajj Q22:62+66

“O My servants who believe! truly, spacious is My Earth: therefore serve ye Me – (and Me alone)! But those who believe and work deeds of righteousness – to them shall We give a Home in Heaven,- lofty mansions beneath which flow rivers,- to dwell therein for aye;- an excellent reward for those who do (good)!- Those who persevere in patience, and put their trust, in their Lord and Cherisher”.Surah Al #Ankaboot Q29:56+58+59

“To David, We gave Solomon (for a son),- How excellent in Our service! Ever did he turn (to Us)! “And take in thy hand a little grass, and strike therewith: and break not (thy oath).” Truly We found him full of patience and constancy. How excellent in Our service! ever did he turn (to Us)!” Surah As-Saad Q38:30+44


Say: “Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those who rejected the Truth”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:11

“And such are the Parables We set forth for mankind, but only those who understand them to have knowledge. Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee, and establish regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in life) without a doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye do” Surah Al #Ankaboot Q29:43+45

Say: If it is that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline: or the dwellings in which ye delight – are dearer to you than Allah, or His Messenger, or the striving in His cause;- then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious”. Surah At-Tawba Q9:24

“What is the life of this world but amusement and play? but verily the Home in the Hereafter,- that is life indeed if they but knew. Now, if they embark on a boat, they call on Allah, making their devotion sincerely (and exclusively) to Him; but when He has delivered them safely to (dry) land, behold, they give a share (of their worship to others)!-Disdaining ungratefully Our gifts, and giving themselves up to (worldly) enjoyment! But soon will they know”. Surah Al #Ankaboot Q29:64-66

“Though it is no blame to thee if he grows not (in spiritual understanding). But as to him who came to thee striving earnestly, And with fear (in his heart), Of him wast thou unmindful”. Surah Al #Abasa Q80:7-10


ALHAMDULILLAH 🙏 for the successful completion of not just the 30 days fasting but GLORY to His Almighty for bestowing in GSEP the inspiration and strength to accomplish the 30 DAYS RAMADAN SERIES.

“But ask forgiveness of your Lord, and turn unto Him (in repentance): For my, Lord is indeed full of mercy and loving-kindness”

Surah Al #Hud Q11:90

Specially, we thank Him for preserving our souls and granting us the privilege to benefit from the ‘Ramadan Series’ – a Qur’anic teaching vis-à-vis reflection (and lessons). May God continue to advance us in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding beyond the SACRED MONTH.

Allahumma innaka `afuwwun tuhibbul `afwa fa`fu ` annee –

اللْهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّي

Say: O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me. Ameen 🙏

HAPPY EID-AL-FITR (in advance) to all UMMAH worldwide!

Taqaba’Allahu minna wa minkum – “May Allah accept [good deeds] from you and us”



“The Religion before Allah is Islam (submission to His Will): Nor did the People of the Book dissent therefrom except through envy of each other, after knowledge had come to them. But if any deny the Signs of Allah, Allah is swift in calling to account”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:19

“O ye who believe! Violate not the sanctity of the symbols of Allah, nor of the sacred month, nor of the animals brought for sacrifice, nor the garlands that mark out such animals, nor the people resorting to the sacred house, seeking of the bounty and good pleasure of their Lord. But when ye are clear of the sacred precincts and of pilgrim garb, ye may hunt and let not the hatred of some people in (once) shutting you out of the Sacred Mosque lead you to transgression (and hostility on your part). Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour: fear Allah: for Allah is strict in punishment”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:2

“But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in Allah: for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things)”. Surah Al #Anfaal Q8:61


This reflection reminds us of the key guiding principles of a peaceful livelihood including (i) sanctity doctrine of life (ii) piety and purity (iii) obedience and (iv) submission to the will of God

“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good)”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:85

“Hast thou not turned Thy vision to those who claim sanctity for themselves? Nay-but Allah Doth sanctifies whom He pleaseth. But never will they fail to receive justice in the least little thing” Surah An-Nisaa Q4:49

“(But the treaties are) not dissolved with those Pagans with whom ye have entered into alliance and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor aided anyone against you. So, fulfil your engagements with them to the end of their term: for Allah loveth the righteous”. Surah At #Taubah Q9:4

“(They must be raised up), in order that He may manifest to them the truth of that wherein they differ, and that the rejecters of Truth may realise that they had indeed (surrendered to) Falsehood”. Surah An #Nahl Q16:39

  • “Of their goods, take alms, that so thou mightiest purify and sanctify them; and pray on their behalf. Verily thy prayers are a source of security for them: And Allah is One Who heareth and knoweth”. Surah Al #Tawbah Q9:103
  • “If then they (your false gods) answer not your (call), know ye that this revelation is sent down (replete) with the knowledge of Allah and that there is no god but He! will ye even then submit (to Islam)?” Surah Al #Hud Q11:14

“That Day shall they (openly) show (their) submission to Allah, and all their inventions shall leave them in the lurch” Surah An #Nahl Q16:87″

‘Be ye not arrogant against me, but come to me in submission (to the true Religion)”. Surah Al #Naml Q27:31

“It is He Who has sent amongst the Unlettered a messenger from among themselves, to rehearse to them His Signs, to sanctify them, and to instruct them in Scripture and Wisdom,- although they had been, before, in manifest error”. Surah Al #Jumuah Q62:2


  • “Remember We made the House a place of assembly for men and a place of safety, and take ye the station of Abraham as a place of prayer; and We covenanted with Abraham and Isma’il, that they should sanctify My House for those who compass it round or use it as a retreat, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer)”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:125
  • “Allah did confer a great favour on the believers when He sent among them a messenger from among themselves, rehearsing unto them the Signs of Allah, sanctifying them, and instructing them in Scripture and Wisdom, while, before that, they had been in manifest error”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:164
  • “He said (to his own men): “Ye chiefs! which of you can bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?” Surah Al #Naml Q27:38
  • “But when he came to the (fire), a voice was heard from the right bank of the valley, from a tree in hallowed ground: “O Moses! Verily, I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds….”. “Now do thou throw thy rod!” but when he saw it moving (of its own accord) as if it had been a snake, he turned back in retreat, and retraced not his steps: O Moses!” (It was said), “Draw near, and fear not: for thou art of those who are secure”. Surah Al #Qasas Q28:30-31
  • “A similar (favour have ye already received) in that We have sent among you a Messenger of your own, rehearsing to you Our Signs, and sanctifying you, and instructing you in Scripture and Wisdom, and in new knowledge”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:151


“(And to preach thus), ‘Seek ye the forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to Him in repentance; that He may grant you enjoyment, good (and true), for a term appointed, and bestow His abounding grace on all who abound in merit! But if ye turn away, then I fear for you the penalty of a great day:” Surah Al #Hud Q11:3

“To every people did We appoint rites (of sacrifice), that they might celebrate the name of Allah over the sustenance He gave them from animals (fit for food). But your God is One God: submit then your wills to Him (in Islam): and give thou the good news to those who humble themselves,- The sacrificial camels we have made for you as among the symbols from Allah: in them is (much) good for you: then pronounce the name of Allah over them as they line up (for sacrifice): when they are down on their sides (after slaughter), eat ye thereof, and feed such as (beg not but) live in contentment, and such as beg with due humility: thus have We made animals subject to you, that ye may be grateful”. Surah Al #Hajj Q22:34+36

“Nor can goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate!” Surah Al #Fussilat Q41:34

“Allah will not call you to account for what is futile in your oaths, but He will call you to account for your deliberate oaths: for expiation, feed ten indigent persons, on a scale of the average for the food of your families; Or clothe them; or give a slave his freedom. If that is beyond your means, fast for three days. That is the expiation for the oaths ye have sworn. But keep to your oaths. Thus doth Allah make clear to you His signs, that ye may be grateful”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:89

“(Namely) those whose lives the angels take in a state of wrong-doing to their own souls.” Then would they offer submission (with the pretence), “We did no evil (knowingly).” (The angels will reply), “Nay, but verily Allah knoweth all that ye did”. Surah An #Nahl Q16:28


He prayed: “O my Lord! I have indeed wronged my soul! Do Thou then forgive me!” So (Allah) forgave him: for He is the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. He said: “O my Lord! For that Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace on me, never shall I be a help to those who sin!”.

Surah Al #Qasas Q28:16-17

“I do hope that my Lord will show me the smooth and straight Path.”

Surah Al Qasas Q28:22

Allahumma innaka `afuwwun tuhibbul `afwa fa`fu ` annee –

اللْهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّي

‘Say: O Allah, You are pardoning and You love to pardon, so pardon me.

O Allah! please, forgive us beyond this Sacred Month, grant us good in this life and the Hereafter. Ameen 🙏



“Nay.- Those that keep their plighted faith and act aright,-verily Allah loves those who act aright. As for those who sell the faith they owe to Allah and their own plighted word for a small price, they shall have no portion in the Hereafter: Nor will Allah (Deign to) speak to them or look at them on the Day of Judgment, nor will He cleanse them (of sin): They shall have a grievous penalty”.

Surah Al #Imraan Q3:76-77

“They have “Obedience” on their lips; but when they leave thee, a section of them Meditate all night on things very different from what thou tellest them. But Allah records their nightly (plots): So keep clear of them, and put thy trust in Allah, and enough is Allah as a disposer of affairs”. Surah An #Nisaa Q4:81

“When there comes to them a sign (from Allah), They say: “We shall not believe until we receive one (exactly) like those received by Allah’s messengers.” Allah knoweth best where (and how) to carry out His mission. Soon will the wicked be overtaken by humiliation before Allah, and a severe punishment, for all their plots”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:124

“That, and also because Allah is He Who makes feeble the plans and stratagem of the Unbelievers”. Surah Al #Anfaal Q8:18

“If any think that Allah will not help him (His Messenger) in this world and the Hereafter, let him stretch out a rope to the ceiling and cut (himself) off: then let him see whether his plan will remove that which enrages (him)!” Surah Al #Hajj Q22:15

“Those who will be gathered to Hell (prone) on their faces,- they will be in an evil plight, and, as to Path, most astray”. Surah Al #Furqaan Q25:34

“To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills (and plans). He bestows (children) male or female according to His Will (and Plan)”. Surah Ash #Shuara Q26:49


“Those before them did (also) devise plots, but in all things, the master-planning is Allah’s He knoweth the doings of every soul: and soon will the Unbelievers know who gets home in the end”. Surah Ar-#Raad Q13:42

“If any do seek for glory and power,- to Allah belong all glory and power. To Him mount up (all) Words of Purity: It is He Who exalts each Deed of Righteousness. Those that lay Plots of Evil,- for them is a Penalty terrible; and the plotting of such will be void (of result)”. Surah Al #Fatir Q35:10

“Now, when he came to them in Truth, from Us, they said, “Slay the sons of those who believe with him, and keep alive their females,” but the plots of Unbelievers (end) in nothing but errors (and delusions)…” Surah Al #Ghafir Q40:25

“Such is one of the stories of what happened unseen, which We reveal by inspiration unto thee; nor wast thou (present) with them then when they concerted their plans together in the process of weaving their plots”. Surah Al #Yusuf Q12:102

“Mighty indeed were the plots which they made, but their plots were (well) within the sight of Allah, even though they were such as to shake the hills”. Surah Al #Ibrahim Q14:46


This reflection reminds us of being (i) truthful with ourselves (ii) steadfast in the faith (iii) in constant relationship with God and (iv) deviating from wickedness/wrong-doings/evil deeds.

“When angels take the souls of those who die in sin against their souls, they say: “In what (plight) Were ye?” They reply: “Weak and oppressed Were we on the earth.” They say: “Was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to move yourselves away (From evil)?” Such men will find their abode in Hell,- What an evil refuge!” Surah An-Nisaa Q4:97

“Verily Allah will admit those who believe and work righteous deeds, to Gardens, beneath which rivers flow: for Allah carries out all that He plans”. Surah Al #Hajj Q22:14

“Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah”. Surah Al #Anfaal Q8:30

“And do thou be patient, for thy patience is but from Allah; nor grieve over them: and distress not thyself because of their plots”. Surah An #Nahl Q16:127


“When We make mankind taste of some mercy after adversity hath touched them, behold! they take to plotting against Our Signs! Say: “Swifter to plan is Allah!” Verily, Our messengers record all the plots that ye make!” Surah Al #Yunus Q10:21

“But ask forgiveness of your Lord, and turn unto Him (in repentance): For my, Lord is indeed full of mercy and loving-kindness”. Surah Al #Hud Q11:90

“But grieve not over them, nor distress thyself because of their plots”. Surah An #Naml Q27:70

“But those who break the Covenant of Allah, after having plighted their word thereto, and cut asunder those things which Allah has commanded to be joined, and work mischief in the land;- on them is the curse; for them is the terrible home!” Surah Ar #Raad Q13:25

“Do then those who devise evil (plots) feel secure that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them up, or that the Wrath will not seize them from directions they little perceive?” Surah An #Nahl Q16:45


“Noah said: “O my Lord! I do seek refuge with Thee, lest I ask Thee for that of which I have no knowledge. And unless thou forgive me and have Mercy on me, I should indeed be lost!”.

Surah Al #Hud Q11:47

“Verily, those who plight their fealty to thee do no less than plight their fealty to Allah: the Hand of Allah is over their hands: then anyone who violates his oath, does so to the harm of his own soul, and anyone who fulfils what he has covenanted with Allah,- Allah will soon grant him a great Reward”.

Surah Al #Fath Q48:10
O Allah! please, grant us good in this life and the Hereafter. Ameen 🙏



“There is no blame on you if ye make an offer of betrothal or hold it in your hearts. Allah knows that ye cherish them in your hearts: But do not make a secret contract with them except in terms Honourable, nor resolve on the tie of marriage till the term prescribed is fulfilled. And know that Allah Knoweth what is in your hearts, and take heed of Him; and know that Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Forbearing”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:235

“Make trial of orphans until they reach the age of marriage; if then ye find sound judgment in them, release their property to them; but consume it not wastefully, nor in haste against their growing up. If the guardian is well-off, Let him claim no remuneration, but if he is poor, let him have for himself what is just and reasonable. When ye release their property to them, take witnesses in their presence: But all-sufficient is Allah in taking account”. Surah An #Nisaa Q4:6

“This day are (all) things good and pure made lawful unto you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them. (Lawful unto you in marriage) are (not only) chaste women who are believers, but chaste women among the People of the Book, revealed before your time,- when ye give them their due dowers, and desire chastity, not lewdness, nor secret intrigues if anyone rejects faith, fruitless is his work, and in the Hereafter, he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual good)”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:5

“Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess,- for (in their case) they are free from blame. But those whose desires exceed those limits are transgressors”. Surah Al #Muminoon Q23:6-7

“Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous”. Surah Al #Furqaan Q25:74

“Let those who find not the wherewithal for marriage keep themselves chaste, until Allah gives them means out of His grace. And if any of your slaves ask for a deed in writing (to enable them to earn their freedom for a certain sum), give them such a deed if ye know any good in them: yea, give them something yourselves out of the means which Allah has given to you. But force not your maids to prostitution when they desire chastity, in order that ye may make a gain in the goods of this life. But if anyone compels them, yet, after such compulsion, is Allah, Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful (to them)”. Surah An #Noor Q24:33

“O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of thy maternal uncles and aunts, who migrated (from Makka) with thee; and any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her;- this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large); We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their right hands possess;- in order that there should be no difficulty for thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”. Surah Al #Ahzaab Q33:50

“It may be, if he divorced you (all), that Allah will give him in exchange consorts better than you,- who submit (their wills), who believe, who are devout, who turn to Allah in repentance, who worship (in humility), who travel (for Faith) and fast,- previously married or virgins”. Surah At #Tahrim Q66:5

“A divorce is only permissible twice: after that, the parties should either hold Together on equitable terms or separate with kindness. It is not lawful for you, (Men), to take back any of your gifts (from your wives), except when both parties fear that they would be unable to keep the limits ordained by Allah. If ye (judges) do indeed fear that they would be unable to keep the limits ordained by Allah, there is no blame on either of them if she gives something for her freedom. These are the limits ordained by Allah; so do not transgress them if any do transgress the limits ordained by Allah, such persons wrong (Themselves as well as others). So if a husband divorces his wife (irrevocably), He cannot, after that, re-marry her until after she has married another husband and He has divorced her. In that case, there is no blame on either of them if they re-unite, provided they feel that they can keep the limits ordained by Allah. Such are the limits ordained by Allah, which He makes plain to those who understand“. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:229-230

“For divorced women Maintenance (should be provided) on a reasonable (scale). This is a duty on the righteous”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:241


“And his people came rushing towards him, and they had been long in the habit of practicing abominations. He said: “O my people! Here are my daughters: they are purer for you (if ye marry)! Now fear Allah, and cover me not with shame about my guests! Is there not among you a single right-minded man?” Surah Al #Hud Q11:78

“Behold! Thou didst say to one who had received the grace of Allah and thy favour: “Retain thou (in wedlock) thy wife, and fear Allah.” But thou didst hide in thy heart that which Allah was about to make manifest: thou didst fear the people, but it is more fitting that thou shouldst fear Allah. Then when Zaid had dissolved (his marriage) with her, with the necessary (formality), We joined her in marriage to thee: in order that (in future) there may be no difficulty to the Believers in (the matter of) marriage with the wives of their adopted sons, when the latter have dissolved with the necessary (formality) (their marriage) with them. And Allah’s command must be fulfilled”. Surah Al #Ahzaab Q33:37

“O ye who believe! Enter not the Prophet’s houses,- until leave is given you,- for a meal, (and then) not (so early as) to wait for its preparation: but when ye are invited, enter; and when ye have taken your meal, disperse, without seeking familiar talk. Such (behaviour) annoys the Prophet: he is ashamed to dismiss you, but Allah is not ashamed (to tell you) the truth. And when ye ask (his ladies) for anything ye want, ask them from before a screen: that makes for greater purity for your hearts and for theirs. Nor is it right for you that ye should annoy Allah’s Messenger, or that ye should marry his widows after him at any time. Truly such a thing is in Allah’s sight an enormity”. Surah Al #Ahzaab Q33:53


This reflection reminds us of (i) marital rites (ii) love dilemmas (iii) relationship dichotomies (iv) divorce fulfillments, and (v) the widowed.

“And if ye divorce them before consummation, but after the fixation of a dower for them, then the half of the dower (Is due to them), unless they remit it or (the man’s half) is remitted by him in whose hands is the marriage tie; and the remission (of the man’s half) is the nearest to righteousness. And do not forget Liberality between yourselves. For Allah sees well all that ye do”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:237

“O Prophet! When ye do divorce women, divorce them at their prescribed periods, and count (accurately), their prescribed periods: And fear Allah your Lord: and turn them not out of their houses, nor shall they (themselves) leave, except in case they are guilty of some open lewdness, those are limits set by Allah: and any who transgresses the limits of Allah, does verily wrong his (own) soul: thou knowest not if perchance Allah will bring about thereafter some new situation”. Surah At #Talaaq Q65:1

“O ye who believe! Take not My enemies and yours as friends (or protectors),- offering them (your) love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you, and have (on the contrary) driven out the Prophet and yourselves (from your homes), (simply) because ye believe in Allah your Lord! If ye have come out to strive in My Way and to seek My Good Pleasure, (take them not as friends), holding secret converse of love (and friendship) with them: for I know full well all that ye conceal and all that ye reveal. And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path”. Surah Al #Mumtahanah Q60:1

“O ye who believe! When ye marry believing women and then divorce them before ye have touched them, no period of ‘Iddat have ye to count in respect of them: so give them a present. And set them free in a handsome manner”. Surah Al #Ahzaab Q33:49

“When ye divorce women, and they fulfil the term of their (‘Iddat), either take them back on equitable terms or set them free on equitable terms; but do not take them back to injure them, (or) to take undue advantage; if anyone does that; He wrongs his own soul. Do not treat Allah’s Signs as a jest, but solemnly rehearse Allah’s favours on you, and the fact that He sent down to you the Book and Wisdom, for your instruction. And fear Allah, and know that Allah is well acquainted with all things. When ye divorce women, and they fulfil the term of their (‘Iddat), do not prevent them from marrying their (former) husbands, if they mutually agree on equitable terms. This instruction is for all amongst you, who believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is (the course Making for) most virtue and purity amongst you and Allah knows, and ye know not. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:231-232


“But if their intention is firm for divorce, Allah heareth and knoweth all things. Divorced women shall wait concerning themselves for three monthly periods. Nor is it lawful for them to hide what Allah Hath created in their wombs if they have faith in Allah and the Last Day. And their husbands have the better right to take them back in that period if they wish for reconciliation. And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of advantage) over them. And Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:227-228

“Such elderly women as are past the prospect of marriage,- there is no blame on them if they lay aside their (outer) garments, provided they make not a wanton display of their beauty: but it is best for them to be modest: and Allah is One Who sees and knows all things”. Surah An #Noor Q24:60

“It is not lawful for thee (to marry more) women after this, nor to change them for (other) wives, even though their beauty attract thee, except any thy right hand should possess (as handmaidens): and Allah doth watch over all things”. Surah Al #Ahzaab Q33:52

“Prohibited to you (For marriage) are:- Your mothers, daughters, sisters; father’s sisters, Mother’s sisters; brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters; foster-mothers (Who gave you suck), foster-sisters; your wives’ mothers; your step-daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom ye have gone in,- no prohibition if ye have not gone in;- (Those who have been) wives of your sons proceeding from your loins; and two sisters in wedlock at one and the same time, except for what is past; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. Also, (prohibited are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess: Thus hath Allah ordained (Prohibitions) against you: Except for these, all others are lawful, provided ye seek (them in marriage) with gifts from your property,- desiring chastity, not lust, seeing that ye derive benefit from them, give them their dowers (at least) as prescribed; but if, after a dower is prescribed, agree Mutually (to vary it), there is no blame on you, and Allah is All-knowing, All-wise”. Surah An Nisaa Q4:23-24

“If any men among you divorce their wives by Zihar (calling them mothers), they cannot be their mothers: None can be their mothers except those who gave them birth. And in fact, they use words (both) iniquitous and false: but truly Allah is one that blots out (sins), and forgives (again and again). But those who divorce their wives by Zihar, then wish to go back on the words they uttered,- (It is ordained that such a one) should free a slave before they touch each other: Thus are ye admonished to perform: and Allah is well-acquainted with (all) that ye do”. Surah Al #Mujadilah Q58:2-3


“We have made some of you as a trial for others: WILL YE HAVE PATIENCE? for Allah is One Who sees (all things)” Surah Al #Furqaan Q25:20

“Or do ye think that ye shall enter the Garden (of bliss) without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? they encountered suffering and adversity, and were so shaken in spirit that even the Messenger and those of faith who were with him cried: “When (will come) the help of Allah?” Ah! Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near!”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:214

“For the present, Allah hath lightened your (task), for He knoweth that there is a weak spot in you: But (even so), if there are a hundred of you, patient and persevering, they will vanquish two hundred, and if a thousand, they will vanquish two thousand, with the leave of Allah: for Allah is with those who patiently persevere”. Surah Al #Anfaal Q8:66

“When trouble toucheth a man, He crieth unto Us (in all postures)- lying down on his side, or sitting, or standing. But when We have solved his trouble, he passeth on his way as if he had never cried to Us for a trouble that touched him! thus do the deeds of transgressors seem fair in their eyes!” Surah Yunus Q10:12

“When We make mankind taste of some mercy after adversity hath touched them, behold! they take to plotting against Our Signs! Say: “Swifter to plan is Allah!” Verily, Our messengers record all the plots that ye make!”Surah Yunus Q10:21

“They said: “In Allah do we put out trust. Our Lord! make us not a trial for those who practice oppression;” Surah Yunus Q10:85

“And We helped them, so they overcame (their troubles)”. Surah As #Saffaat Q37:116

“If Allah does touch thee with hurt, there is none can remove it but He: if He does design some benefit for thee, there is none can keep back His favour: He causeth it to reach whomsoever of His servants He pleaseth. And He is the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”. Surah Yunus Q10:107.

“Follow thou the inspiration sent unto thee, and be patient and constant, till Allah do decide: for He is the best to decide”. Surah Yunus Q10:109.

“Now, when trouble touches man, he cries to Us: But when We bestow a favour upon him as from Ourselves, he says, “This has been given to me because of a certain knowledge (I have)!” Nay, but this is but a trial, but most of them understand not!”. Surah Az-Zumar Q39:49

“But verily thy Lord,- to those who leave their homes after trials and persecutions,- and who thereafter strive and fight for the faith and patiently persevere,- Thy Lord, after all this is oft-forgiving, Most Merciful”. Surah Al #Nahl Q16:110


“When Talut set forth with the armies, he said: “Allah will test you at the stream: if any drinks of its water, He goes not with my army: Only those who taste not of it go with me: A mere sip out of the hand is excused.” but they all drank of it, except a few. When they crossed the river,- He and the faithful ones with him,- they said: “This day We cannot cope with Goliath and his forces.” but those who were convinced that they must meet Allah, said: “How oft, by Allah’s will, Hath a small force vanquished a big one? Allah is with those who steadfastly persevere”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:249

“Behold! thy sister goeth forth and saith, ‘shall I show you the one who will nurse and rear the (child)?’ So We brought thee back to thy mother, that her eye might be cooled and she should not grieve. Then thou didst slay a man, but We saved thee from trouble, and We tried thee in various ways. Then didst thou tarries a number of years with the people of Midian. Then didst thou come hither as ordained, O Moses!” Surah Al #Taahaa Q20:40

“Such are some of the stories of the unseen, which We have revealed unto thee: before this, neither thou nor thy people knew them. So, persevere patiently: for the End is for those who are righteous”. Al #Hud Q11:49


This reflection reminds us of showing gratitude and glorification to His Almighty in every situation.

“O ye who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear Allah; that ye may prosper”. Surah Al Imraan Q3:200

“When trouble touches men, they cry to their Lord, turning back to Him in repentance: but when He gives them a taste of Mercy as from Himself, behold, some of them pay part-worship to other god’s besides their Lord,-“. Surah Ar #Rum Q30:33

“When some trouble toucheth man, he crieth unto his Lord, turning to Him in repentance: but when He bestoweth a favour upon him as from Himself, (man) doth forget what he cried and prayed for before, and he doth set up rivals unto Allah, thus misleading others from Allah’s Path. Say, “Enjoy thy blasphemy for a little while: verily thou art (one) of the Companions of the Fire!”. Surah Az #Zumar Q39:8

“Seest thou not that the ships sail through the ocean by the Grace of Allah?- that He may show you of His Signs? Verily in this are Signs for all who constantly persevere and give thanks”. Surah Al #Luqmon Q31:31


“Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:155

“And obey Allah and His Messenger; and fall into no disputes, lest ye lose heart and your power depart; and be patient and persevering: For Allah is with those who patiently persevere:” Surah Al #Anfal Q8:46

“Ye shall certainly be tried and tested in your possessions and in your personal selves; and ye shall certainly Hear much that will grieve you, from those who received the Book before you and from those who worship many gods. But if ye persevere patiently, and guard against evil,-then that will be a determining factor in all affairs”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:186

“Say: “Call on those – besides Him – whom ye fancy: they have neither the power to remove your troubles from you nor to change them”. Surah Al #Israa Q17:56


“Make not the enemies rejoice over my misfortune, nor count thou me amongst the people of sin”.

Surah Al #Araaf Q7:150

“Those who say, “Our Lord! avert from us the Wrath of Hell, for its Wrath is indeed an affliction grievous”.

Surah Al #Furqaan Q25:65



“Quite a number of the People of the Book wish they could Turn you (people) back to infidelity after ye have believed, from selfish envy, after the Truth hath become Manifest unto them: But forgive and overlook, Till Allah accomplish His purpose; for Allah Hath power over all things”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:109

“Those who spend (freely), whether in prosperity, or in adversity; who restrain anger, and pardon (all) men;- for Allah loves those who do good”. Surah Al-Imraan Q3:134

“To the Madyan People (We sent) Shu’aib, one of their own brethren: he said: “O my people! worship Allah: Ye have no other god but Him. And give not short measure or weight: I see you in prosperity, but I fear for you the penalty of a day that will compass (you) all round”. Surah Al #Hud Q11:84

“And We sent down the Book to thee for the express purpose, that thou shouldst make clear to them those things in which they differ, and that it should be a guide and a mercy to those who believe”. Surah Al #Nahl Q16:64

“And their purpose was to tempt thee away from that which We had revealed unto thee, to substitute in our name something quite different; (in that case), behold! they would certainly have made thee (their) friend! Their purpose was to scare thee off the land, in order to expel thee; but in that case, they would not have stayed (therein) after thee, except for a little while”. Surah Al #Israa Q17:73+76

  • “O men! Here is a parable set forth! listen to it! Those on whom, besides Allah, ye call, cannot create (even) a fly, if they all met together for the purpose! and if the fly should snatch away anything from them, they would have no power to release it from the fly. Feeble are those who petition and those whom they petition! O ye who believe! bow down, prostrate yourselves, and adore your Lord; and do good; that ye may prosper”. Surah Al #Hajj Q22:73+77
  • “Said an ‘Ifrit, of the Jinns: “I will bring it to thee before thou rise from thy council: indeed I have full strength for the purpose and may be trusted”. Surah Al #Naml Q27:39
  • Say: “See ye if the (Revelation) is (really) from Allah, and yet do ye reject it? Who is more astray than one who is in a schism far (from any purpose)?”. Surah An #Fussilat Q41:52
  • “And this (He commands): Judge thou between them by what Allah hath revealed, and follow not their vain desires, but beware of them lest they beguile thee from any of that (teaching) which Allah hath sent down to thee. And if they turn away, be assured that for some of their crime it is Allah’s purpose to punish them. And truly most men are rebellious”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:49
  • “Allah will not leave the believers in the state in which ye are now until He separates what is evil from what is good nor will He disclose to you the secrets of the Unseen. But He chooses of His Messengers (For the purpose) whom He pleases. So believe in Allah. And His messengers: And if ye believe and do right, ye have a reward without measure”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:179


  • “And We had firmly established them in a (prosperity and) power which We have not given to you (ye Quraish!) and We had endowed them with (faculties of) hearing, seeing, heart and intellect: but of no profit to them were their (faculties of) hearing, sight, and heart and intellect, when they went on rejecting the Signs of Allah; and they were (completely) encircled by that which they used to mock at!“. Surah Al #Ahqaf Q46:26
  • “But those who before them, had homes (in Medina) and had adopted the Faith,- show their affection to such as came to them for refuge, and entertain no desire in their hearts for things given to the (latter), but give them preference over themselves, even though poverty was their (own lot). And those saved from the covetousness of their own souls,- they are the ones that achieve prosperity”. Surah Al #Hashr Q59:9


This reflection reminds us that our main purpose in life is to remain dedicated and devoted to His Almighty.

“Then We changed their suffering into prosperity, until they grew and multiplied, and began to say: “Our fathers (too) were touched by suffering and affluence”… Behold! We called them to account of a sudden, while they realised not (their peril)”. Surah Al #Araaf Q7:95

“So, fear Allah as much as ye can; listen and obey and spend in charity for the benefit of your own soul and those saved from the covetousness of their own souls,- they are the ones that achieve prosperity”. Surah At-Taghaabun Q64:16

“And He provides for him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if anyone puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish his purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion”. Surah At #Talaaq Q65:3


“O ye who believe! When ye deal with each other, in transactions involving future obligations in a fixed period of time, reduce them to writing Let a scribe write down faithfully as between the parties: let not the scribe refuse to write: as Allah Has taught him, so let him write. Let him who incurs the liability dictate, but let him fear His Lord Allah, and not diminish aught of what he owes. If the party liable is mentally deficient, or weak, or unable Himself to dictate, let his guardian dictate faithfully, and get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as ye choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her. The witnesses should not refuse when they are called on (For evidence). Disdain not to reduce to writing (your contract) for a future period, whether it be small or big: it is juster in the sight of Allah, More suitable as evidence, and more convenient to prevent doubts among yourselves but if it is a transaction which ye carry out on the spot among yourselves, there is no blame on you if ye reduce it not to writing. But take witness whenever ye make a commercial contract, and let neither scribe nor witness suffers harm. If ye do (such harm), it would be wickedness in you. So, fear Allah; For it is Good that teaches you. And Allah is well acquainted with all things. If ye are on a journey, and cannot find a scribe, a pledge with possession (may serve the purpose). And if one of you deposits a thing on trust with another, let the trustee (faithfully) discharge his trust, and let him Fear his Lord conceal not evidence; for whoever conceals it, – his heart is tainted with sin. And Allah knoweth all that ye do”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:282-283

“But those who reject Faith after they accepted it, and then go on adding to their defiance of Faith,- never will their repentance be accepted; for they are those who have (of set purpose) gone astray”. Surah Al Imraan Q3:90

“And their purpose was to tempt thee away from that which We had revealed unto thee, to substitute in our name something quite different; (in that case), behold! they would certainly have made thee (their) friend! Their purpose was to scare thee off the land, in order to expel thee; but in that case, they would not have stayed (therein) after thee, except for a little while.” Surah Al #Israa Q17:73+76

“For if they should come upon you, they would stone you or force you to return to their cult, and in that case, ye would never attain prosperity”. Surah Al #Kahf Q18:20


Ya Allah! Forgive us, heal our world, restore peace GLOBALLY, and continue to guide us to the straight (right) path.



  • “The lightning all but snatches away their sight; every time the light (Helps) them, they walk therein, and when the darkness grows on them, they are standstill. And if Allah willed, He could take away their faculties of hearing and seeing; for Allah hath power over all things”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:20
  • “To Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth; and Allah hath power over all things”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:189

“Have they a share in dominion or power? Behold, they give not a farthing to their fellow-men?”. Surah An #Nisaa Q4:53″Knowest thou not that to Allah (alone) belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth? He punisheth whom He pleaseth, and He forgiveth whom He pleaseth: and Allah hath power over all things. Surah Al Maaida Q5:40+120

“Is it not (the case) that to Allah belongeth whatever is in the heavens and on earth? Is it not (the case) that Allah’s promise is assuredly true? Yet most of them understand not”. Surah Al #Yunus Q10:55

“In blasphemy indeed are those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary. Say: “Who then hath the least power against Allah, if His will were to destroy Christ the son of Mary, his mother, and all every – one that is on the earth? For to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between. He createth what He pleaseth. For Allah hath power over all things”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:17

  • “O mankind! if ye have a doubt about the Resurrection, (consider) that We created you out of the dust, then out of sperm, then out of a leech-like clot, then out of a morsel of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed, in order that We may manifest (our power) to you; and We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term, then do We bring you out as babes, then (foster you) that ye may reach your age of full strength; and some of you are called to die, and some are sent back to the feeblest old age so that they know nothing after having known (much), and (further), thou seest the earth barren and lifeless, but when We pour down rain on it, it is stirred (to life), it swells, and it puts forth every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs). This is so because Allah is the Reality: it is He Who gives life to the dead, and it is He Who has power over all things”. Surah Al #Hajj Q22:5-6
  • “The believers must (eventually) win through. Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron, with Our Signs and authority manifest”. Surah Al #Muminoon Q23:1+45
  • “Except those who join a group between whom and you there is a treaty (of peace), or those who approach you with hearts restraining them from fighting you as well as fighting their own people. If Allah had pleased, He could have given them power over you, and they would have fought you: Therefore, if they withdraw from you but fight you not, and (instead) send you (Guarantees of) peace, then Allah Hath opened no way for you (to war against them)”. Surah An #Nisaa Q4:90
  • “If Allah touches thee with affliction, none can remove it but He; if He touches thee with happiness, He hath power over all things. “Why is not a sign sent down to him from his Lord?” Say: “Allah hath certainly power to send down a sign: but most of them understand not”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:17+37


“They followed what the evil ones gave out (falsely) against the power of Solomon: the blasphemers Were, not Solomon, but the evil ones, teaching men Magic, and such things as came down at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone (Such things) without saying: “We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme.” They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife. But they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah’s permission. And they learned what harmed them, not what profited them. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls if they but knew!”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:102

“And Abraham prayed for his father’s forgiveness only because of a promise he had made to him. But when it became clear to him that he was an enemy to Allah, he dissociated himself from him: for Abraham was most tender-hearted, forbearing”. Surah Al #Taubah Q9:114


This reflection reminds us of (i) the authority and supremacy of God (ii) the aftermath of our efforts and doings (iii) our awaiting gains and accounts.

“Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein: And whoever recommends and helps an evil cause, shares in its burden: And Allah hath power over all things”. Surah An Nisaa Q4:85

“(Their bearings) on this life and the Hereafter. They ask thee concerning orphans. Say: “The best thing to do is what is for their good; if ye mix their affairs with yours, they are your brethren; but Allah knows the man who means mischief from the man who means good. And if Allah had wished, He could have put you into difficulties: He is indeed Exalted in Power, Wise”. Surah Al Baqarah Q2:220

“To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged;- and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid;- (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right,- (for no cause) except that they say, “our Lord is Allah”. Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure. Allah will certainly aid those who aid his (cause);- for verily Allah is full of Strength, Exalted in Might, (Able to enforce His Will)”. Surah Al #Hajj Q22:39-40


“If it were His will, He could destroy you, o mankind, and create another race; for He hath power this to do”. Surah An Nisaa Q4:133

“They call on such deities, besides Allah, as can neither hurt nor profit them: that is straying far indeed (from the Way)! (Perhaps) they call on one whose hurt is nearer than his profit: evil, indeed, is the patron, and evil the companion (or help)!”. Surah Al #Hajj Q22:12-13

“Therefore exalted be Allah, the King, the Reality: there is no god but He, the Lord of the Throne of Honour! If anyone invokes, besides Allah, Any other god, he has no authority therefor; and his reckoning will be only with his Lord! and verily the Unbelievers will fail to win through! So say: “O my Lord! grant Thou forgiveness and mercy for Thou art the Best of those who show mercy!”. Surah Al Muminoon Q23:116-118

“Whether ye publish a good deed or conceal it or cover evil with pardon, verily Allah doth blot out (sins) and hath power (in the judgment of values)”. Surah An Nisaa Q4:149

“Yet they ask thee to hasten on the Punishment! But Allah will not fail in His Promise. Verily a Day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning. He knows what is before them and what is behind them: and to Allah go back all questions (for decision)”. Surah Al-Hajj Q22:47+76


He said: “O my Lord! I have power only over myself and my brother: so separate us from these rebellious people!”

Surah Al #Maaida Q5:25

“Then, O my Lord! put me not amongst the people who do wrong! And say “O my Lord! I seek refuge with Thee from the suggestions of the Evil Ones. And I seek refuge with Thee O my Lord! lest they should come near me”. Surah Al

#Muminoon Q23:94,97+98

“…Thou forgive us, and have mercy upon us: For Thou art the Best of those who show mercy!”.

Surah Al Muminoon Q23:109

Ya Allah! Forgive us, heal our world, and restore peace globally.



“And be steadfast in prayer; practise regular charity; and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship)”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:43

“Those who believe and work righteousness, for them is forgiveness and a sustenance most generous”. Surah Al #Hajj Q22:50

“In most of their secret talks there is no good: But if one exhorts to a deed of charity or justice or conciliation between men, (Secrecy is permissible): To him who does this, seeking the good pleasure of Allah, We shall soon give a reward of the highest (value)”. Surah Al #Nisaa Q4:114

“Those who slander such of the believers as give themselves freely to (deeds of) charity, as well as such as can find nothing to give except the fruits of their labour,- and throw ridicule on them,- Allah will throw back their ridicule on them: and they shall have a grievous penalty”. Surah At-Tawba Q9:79

“By men whom neither traffic nor merchandise can divert from the Remembrance of Allah, nor from regular Prayer, nor from the practice of regular Charity: Their (only) fear is for the Day when hearts and eyes will be transformed (in a world wholly new)”. Surah Al #Noor Q24:37

“And whatever ye spend in charity or devotion, be sure Allah knows it all. But the wrong-doers have no helpers”. Surah Al Baqarah Q2:270

“Allah did aforetime take a covenant from the Children of Israel, and we appointed twelve captains among them. And Allah said: “I am with you: if ye (but) establish regular prayers, practise regular charity, believe in my messengers, honour and assist them, and loan to Allah a beautiful loan, verily, I will wipe out from you your evils, and admit you to gardens with rivers flowing beneath; but if any of you, after this, resisteth faith, he hath truly wandered from the path or rectitude”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:12

“And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character”. Surah Al #Qalam Q68:4

“Then, when they came (back) into (Joseph’s) presence they said: “O exalted one! distress has seized us and our family: we have (now) brought but scanty capital: so pay us full measure, (we pray thee), and treat it as charity to us: for Allah doth reward the charitable”. Surah Al #Yusuf Q12:88

“Who are active in deeds of charity; And those who dispense their charity with their hearts full of fear, because they will return to their Lord”. Surah Al #Muminun Q23:4+60

“And ordain for us that which is good, in this life and in the Hereafter: for we have turned unto Thee.” He said: “With My punishment I visit whom I will; but My mercy extendeth to all things. That (mercy) I shall ordain for those who do right, and practise regular charity, and those who believe in Our signs;-“. Surah Al #Araaf Q7:156

“The mosques of Allah shall be visited and maintained by such as believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish regular prayers, and practise regular charity, and fear none (at all) except Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance”. Surah Al #Taubah Q9:18

“And she said to the sister of (Moses), “Follow him” so she (the sister) watched him in the character of a stranger. And they knew not”. Surah Al #Qasas Q28:11

“And He hath made me blessed wheresoever I be, and hath enjoined on me Prayer and Charity as long as I live”. Surah Al #Maryam Q19:31

"And We made them leaders, guiding (men) by Our Command, and We sent them inspiration to do good deeds, to establish regular prayers, and to practise regular charity; and they constantly served Us (and Us only)". Surah Al #Anbiyah Q21:73


This reflection reminds us of (i) righteous deeds (ii) our connection with the ummah (iii) preparation and planting for the Hereafter (iv) duties, expectations, and lending to Allah beautiful loans. And many more.

“And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah: for Allah sees Well all that ye do”. Surah Al Baqarah Q2:110

“Allah will admit those who believe and work righteous deeds, to Gardens beneath which rivers flow: they shall be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and pearls, and their garments there will be of silk. For they have been guided (in this life) to the purest of speeches; they have been guided to the Path of Him Who is Worthy of (all) Praise”. Surah Al #Hajj Q22:23-24

“Your (real) friends are (no less than) Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- those who establish regular prayers and regular charity, and they bow down humbly (in worship)”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:55

“Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve”. Surah Al Baqarah Q2:277


“It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces Towards east or West; but it is righteousness- to believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practice regular charity; to fulfil the contracts which ye have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the Allah-fearing”. Surah Al Baqarah Q2:177

“Kind words and the covering of faults are better than charity followed by injury. Allah is free of all wants, and He is Most-For bearing”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:263

“But those among them who are well-grounded in knowledge, and the believers, believe in what hath been revealed to thee and what was revealed before thee: And (especially) those who establish regular prayer and practise regular charity and believe in Allah and in the Last Day: To them shall We soon give a great reward”. Surah Al Nisaa Q4:162

“We ordained therein for them: “Life for life, eye for eye, nose or nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal.” But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity, it is an act of atonement for himself. And if any fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed, they are (No better than) wrong-doers”. Surah Al Maida Q5:45

“So, establish regular Prayer and give regular Charity; and obey the Messenger; that ye may receive mercy”. Surah Al Noor Q24:56


“The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another: they enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil: they observe regular prayers, practise regular charity, and obey Allah and His Messenger. On them will Allah pour His mercy: for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise”.

Surah At #Tawba Q9:71

“Know they not that Allah doth accept repentance from His votaries and receives their gifts of charity, and that Allah is verily He, the Oft-Returning, Most Merciful?”

Surah At-Tawba Q9:104

Ya Allah! Forgive us, accept our actions as acts of Ibadah, and count us among the blessed souls.



“This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah;” Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:2

“And there are among them illiterates, who know not the Book, but (see therein their own) desires, and they do nothing but conjecture”. Surah Al Baqarah Q2:78

“Do they not consider the Qur’an (with care)? Had it been from other Than Allah, they would surely have found therein Much discrepancy”. Surah Al #Nisaa Q4:82

“O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. But if ye ask about things when the Qur’an is being revealed, they will be made plain to you, Allah will forgive those: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Forbearing”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:101

“If there were a Qur’an with which mountains were moved or the earth were cloven asunder, or the dead were made to speak, (this would be the one!) But, truly, the command is with Allah in all things! Do not the Believers know, that, had Allah (so) willed, He could have guided all mankind (to the right)? But the Unbelievers,- never will disaster cease to seize them for their (ill) deeds, or to settle close to their homes, until the promise of Allah come to pass, for, verily, Allah will not fail in His promise”. Surah Ar #Raad Q13:31

“A. L. R. These are the Ayats of Revelation,- of a Qur’an that makes things clear. And We have bestowed upon thee the Seven Oft-repeated (verses) and the Grand Qur’an. (So also on such) as have made Qur’an into shreds (as they please). Therefore, by the Lord, We will, of a surety, call them to account”. Surah Al #Hijr Q15:1,87, 91,+92

“We have explained in detail in this Qur’an, for the benefit of mankind, every kind of similitude: but man is, in most things, contentious”. Surah Al #Kahf Q18:54

“Verily We have propounded for men, in this Qur’an every kind of Parable: But if thou bring to them any Sign, the Unbelievers are sure to say, “Ye do nothing but talk vanities”. Surah Ar #Room Q30:58

Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:85

“After this, it is ye, the same people, who slay among yourselves, and banish a part of you from their homes; assist (Their enemies) against them, in guilt and rancor; and if they come to you as captives, ye ransom them, though it was not lawful for you to banish them. Then is it only a part of the Book that ye believe in, and do ye reject the rest? but what is the reward for those among you who behave like this but disgrace in this life?- and on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For Allah is not unmindful of what ye do”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:85

“Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur’an: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme”. Surah Al #Taubah Q9:111

“This Qur’an is not such as can be produced by other than Allah; on the contrary, it is a confirmation of (revelations) that went before it, and a fuller explanation of the Book – wherein there is no doubt – from the Lord of the worlds”. Surah Al #Yunus Q10:37

“We have not sent down the Qur’an to thee to be (an occasion) for thy distress. Thus have We sent this down – an arabic Qur’an – and explained therein in detail some of the warnings, in order that they may fear Allah, or that it may cause their remembrance (of Him)”. Surah At #Taahaa Q20: 2+113

“Then the Messenger will say: “O my Lord! Truly my people took this Qur’an for just foolish nonsense. Those who reject Faith say: “Why is not the Qur’an revealed to him all at once? Thus (is it revealed), that We may strengthen thy heart thereby, and We have rehearsed it to thee in slow, well-arranged stages, gradually”. Surah Al #Furqan Q25:30+32

“These are verses of the Qur’an, -a book that makes (things) clear; As to thee, the Qur’an is bestowed upon thee from the presence of one who is wise and all-knowing. Verily this Qur’an doth explain to the Children of Israel most of the matters in which they disagree. And to rehearse the Qur’an: and if any accept guidance, they do it for the good of their own souls, and if any stray, say: “I am only a Warner”. Surah Al #Naml Q27:1,6, 76+92

“Verily, He Who ordained the Qur’an for thee will bring thee back to the Place of Return. Say: “My Lord knows best who it is that brings true guidance, and who is in manifest error”. Surah Al #Qasas Q28:85

“The Unbelievers say: “We shall neither believe in this scripture nor in (any) that (came) before it.” Couldst thou but see when the wrong-doers will be made to stand before their Lord, throwing back the word (of blame) on one another! Those who had been despised will say to the arrogant ones: “Had it not been for you, we should certainly have been believers!” Surah Al #Saba Q34:31


This reflection reminds us of (i) our relationship with the Glorious Book (ii) our connection with the Qur’an earns us the golden tickets to benefits beyond this world (iii) relating with prophetic stories for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. And many more.

“In whatever business thou mayest be, and whatever portion thou mayest be reciting from the Qur’an,- and whatever deed ye (mankind) may be doing,- We are witnesses thereof when ye are deeply engrossed therein. Nor is hidden from thy Lord (so much as) the weight of an atom on the earth or in heaven. And not the least and not the greatest of these things but are recorded in a clear record”. Surah Al Yunus Q10:61

“We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an, in order that ye may learn wisdom. We do relate unto thee the most beautiful of stories, in that We reveal to thee this (portion of the) Qur’an: before this, thou too was among those who knew it not”. Surah Al #Yusuf Q12:2-3

“When thou dost recite the Qur’an, We put, between thee and those who believe not in the Hereafter, a veil invisible”. Surah Al Nahl Q16:45


“Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if anyone is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (Should be made up) by days later. Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you, and perchance ye shall be grateful”. Surah Al Baqarah Q2:185

“When the Qur’an is read, listen to it with attention, and hold your peace: that ye may receive Mercy”. Surah Al #Araaf Q7:204

“When thou dost read the Qur’an, seek Allah’s protection from Satan the rejected one”. Surah Al #Nahl Q16:98


“High above all is Allah, the King, the Truth! Be not in haste with the Qur’an before its revelation to thee is completed, but say, “O my Lord! advance me in knowledge”.

Surah At Taahaa Q20:114




“We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power: And what will explain to thee what the night of power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah’s permission, on every errand: Peace!… This until the rise of morn!”. Surah Al #Qadr Q97:1-5


Ya Allah! make it easy for us to perform.



“They ask thee what they should spend (In charity). Say: Whatever ye spend that is good, is for parents and kindred and orphans and those in want and for wayfarers. And whatever ye do that is good, -Allah knoweth it well”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:215

“Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honour”. Surah Al #Israa Q17:23

“As for the youth, his parents were people of Faith, and we feared that he would grieve them by obstinate rebellion and ingratitude (to Allah and man). So, we desired that their Lord would give them in exchange (a son) better in purity (of conduct) and closer in affection. As for the wall, it belonged to two youths, orphans, in the Town; there was, beneath it, a buried treasure, to which they were entitled: their father had been a righteous man: So, thy Lord desired that they should attain their age of full strength and get out their treasure – mercy (and favour) from thy Lord. I did it not of my own accord. Such is the interpretation of (those things) over which thou wast unable to hold patience”. Surah Al #Kahf Q18:80-82

“And kind to his parents, and he was not overbearing or rebellious”. Surah Al #Maryam Q19:14


“We have enjoined on man kindness to parents: but if they (either of them) strive (to force) thee to join with Me (in worship) anything of which thou hast no knowledge, obey them not. Ye have (all) to return to me, and I will tell you (the truth) of all that ye did”. Surah Al #Ankaboot Q29:8

“And We have enjoined on man (to be good) to his parents: in travail upon travail did his mother bear him, and in years twain was his weaning: (hear the command), “Show gratitude to Me and to thy parents: to Me is (thy final) Goal”. Surah Al #Luqman Q31:14

“But (there is one) who says to his parents, “Fie on you! Do ye hold out the promise to me that I shall be raised up, even though generations have passed before me (without rising again)?” And they two seek Allah’s aid, (and rebuke the son): “Woe to thee! Have faith! for the promise of Allah is true.” But he says, “This is nothing but tales of the ancients!”. Surah Al #Ahqaf Q46:17

“And (the mystic ties of) parent and child” Surah Al #Balad Q90:3

“Then when they entered the presence of Joseph, he provided a home for his parents with himself and said: “Enter ye Egypt (all) in safety if it please Allah. And he raised his parents high on the throne (of dignity), and they fell down in prostration, (all) before him. He said: “O my father! this is the fulfilment of my vision of old! Allah hath made it come true! He was indeed good to me when He took me out of prison and brought you (all here) out of the desert, (even) after Satan had sown enmity between me and my brothers. Verily my Lord understandeth best the mysteries of all that He planneth to do, for verily He is full of knowledge and wisdom”. Surah Al #Yusuf Q12:99-100

“Behold! We sent to thy mother, by inspiration, the message. Throw (the child- Moses) into the chest, and throw (the chest) into the river: the river will cast him up on the bank, and he will be taken up by one who is an enemy to Me and an enemy to him’: But I cast (the garment of) love over thee from Me: and (this) in order that thou mayest be reared under Mine eye. Behold! thy sister goeth forth and saith, ‘shall I show you one who will nurse and rear the (child)?’ So We brought thee back to thy mother, that her eye might be cooled and she should not grieve. Then thou didst slay a man, but We saved thee from trouble, and We tried thee in various ways. Then didst thou tarry a number of years with the people of Midian. Then didst thou come hither as ordained, O Moses”. Surah Al Taahaa Q20:38-40


This reflection reminds us of (i) What we are leaving in our children (offspring)? (ii) a two-way responsibility (to heirs and to parents) (iii) mutuality (iv) role model (v) parenting impact, and More.

“The mothers shall give such to their offspring for two whole years, if the father desires to complete the term. But he shall bear the cost of their food and clothing on equitable terms. No soul shall have a burden laid on it greater than it can bear. No mother shall be Treated unfairly on account of her child. Nor father on account of his child, an heir shall be chargeable in the same way. If they both decide on weaning, by mutual consent, and after due consultation, there is no blame on them. If ye decide on a foster-mother for your offspring, there is no blame on you, provided ye pay (the mother) what ye offered, on equitable terms. But fear Allah and know that Allah sees well what ye do”. Surah Al Baqarah Q2:233

“When it is said to them: “Follow what Allah hath revealed:” They say: “Nay! we shall follow the ways of our fathers.” What! even though their fathers Were void of wisdom and guidance?” Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:170

“When it is said to them: “Come to what Allah hath revealed; come to the Messenger”: They say: “Enough for us are the ways we found our fathers following.” what! even though their fathers were void of knowledge and guidance?” Surah Al #Maaida Q5:104

“Or lest ye should say: “Our fathers before us may have taken false gods, but we are (their) descendants after them: wilt Thou then destroy us because of the deeds of men who were futile?” Surah Al #Araaf Q7:173


Obedience to Allah’s commandments – Let us be kind to our PARENTS, celebrate, and honor them dearly.

“We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents: In pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth. The carrying of the (child) to his weaning is (a period of) thirty months. At length, when he reaches the age of full strength and attains forty years, he says, “O my Lord! Grant me that I may be grateful for Thy favour which Thou has bestowed upon me, and upon both my parents, and that I may work righteousness such as Thou mayest approve; and be gracious to me in my issue. Truly have I turned to Thee and truly do I bow (to Thee) in Islam”. Surah Al #Ahqaf Q46:15


“Ease my task for me;— Wayassir lee amree

Surah Al #Taahaa Q20:26

So, he smiled, amused at her speech; and he said: “O my Lord! so order me that I may be grateful for Thy favours, which thou hast bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may work the righteousness that will please Thee: And admit me, by Thy Grace, to the ranks of Thy righteous Servants”.

Surah Al #Naml Q27:19

“Our Lord! Bless us with pious spouses and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, the joy of our hearts, and make us models (and good leaders) for the righteous”

Surah Al #Furqan Q25:74

“O my Lord! Forgive me, my parents, all who enter my house in Faith, and (all) believing men and believing women: and to the wrong-doers grant Thou no increase but in perdition!”.

Surah Al #Nooh Q71:28
Welcoming You All to the Night of Power.



“And do not eat up your property among yourselves for vanities, nor use it as bait for the judges, with the intent that ye may eat up wrongfully and knowingly a little of (other) people’s property”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:188.

“Make trial of orphans until they reach the age of marriage; if then ye find sound judgment in them, release their property to them; but consume it not wastefully, nor in haste against their growing up. If the guardian is well-off, Let him claim no remuneration, but if he is poor, let him have for himself what is just and reasonable. When ye release their property to them, take witnesses in their presence: But all-sufficient is Allah in taking account”. Surah Al Nisaa Q4:6

“From what is left by parents and those nearest related there is a share for men and a share for women, whether the property is small or large, -a determinate SHARE. But if at the time of division other relatives, or orphans or poor, are present, feed them out of the (property), and speak to them words of kindness and justice”. Surah An-Nisaa Q4:7-8


This reflection reminds us of the (i) guiding principles associated with the distribution of inheritance (ii) The ‘Book’ itself as an inheritance, (iii) acts of kindness, the spirit of generosity and humanity, and many more.

“In what your wives leave, your share is a half, if they leave no child; but if they leave a child, ye get a fourth; after payment of legacies and debts. In what ye leave, their share is a fourth, if ye leave no child; but if ye leave a child, they get an eighth; after payment of legacies and debts. If the man or woman whose inheritance is in question, has left neither ascendants nor descendants but has left a brother or a sister, each one of the two gets a sixth; but if more than two, they share in a third; after payment of legacies and debts; so that no loss is caused (to anyone). Thus is it ordained by Allah; and Allah is All-knowing, Most Forbearing”. Surah An-Nisaa Q4:12

“We did aforetime give Moses the (Book of) Guidance, and We gave the book in inheritance to the Children of Israel. A Guide and a Message to men of Understanding”. Surah Al #Ghafir Q40:53-54

“Allah (thus) directs you as regards your Children’s (Inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females: if only daughters, two or more, their share is two-thirds of the inheritance; if only one, her share is a half. For parents, a sixth share of the inheritance to each, if the deceased left children; if no children and the parents are the (only) heirs, the mother has a third; if the deceased Left brothers (or sisters) the mother has a sixth. (The distribution in all cases (‘s) after the payment of legacies and debts. Ye know not whether your parents or your children are nearest to you in benefit. These are settled portions ordained by Allah; and Allah is All-knowing, All-wise”. Surah An-#Nisaa Q4:11

“Such is the Garden which We give as an inheritance to those of Our servants who guard against Evil. (The angels say:) “We descend not but by command of thy Lord: to Him belongeth what is before us and what is behind us, and what is between: and thy Lord never doth forget” Surah #Maryam Q19:63-64

“To (benefit) everyone, We have appointed shares and heirs to property left by parents and relatives. To those, also, to whom your right hand was pledged, give their due portion. For truly Allah is witness to all things”. Surah Al Nisaa Q4:33


Having the Fear of Allah- TAQWAH. Let us be less covet, practice purity, and display piety in our worldly affairs.

“Let those (disposing of an estate) have the same fear in their minds as they would have for their own if they had left a helpless family behind: Let them fear Allah, and speak words of appropriate (comfort). Those who unjustly eat up the property of orphans, eat up a Fire into their own bodies: They will soon be enduring a Blazing Fire!”. Surah Al Nisaa Q4:9-10

“And ye devour inheritance – all with GREED” Surah Al #Fajr Q89:19

“Seest thou one who denies the Judgment (to come)? Then such is the (man) who repulses the orphan (with harshness), And encourages not the feeding of the indigent”. Surah Al #Maaun Q107:1-3

“Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion – the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: ‘They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. ‘If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked. So, establish regular Prayer and give regular Charity, and obey the Messenger; that ye may receive mercy”. Surah An #Nur Q24:55-56

“They ask thee for a legal decision. Say: Allah directs (thus) about those who leave no descendants or ascendants as heirs. If it is a man that dies, leaving a sister but no child, she shall have half the inheritance: If (such a deceased was) a woman, who left no child, Her brother takes her inheritance: If there are two sisters, they shall have two-thirds of the inheritance (between them): if there are brothers and sisters, (they share), the male having twice the share of the female. Thus doth Allah make clear to you (His law), lest ye err. And Allah hath knowledge of all things”. Surah An-Nisaa Q4:176.

“That ye believe in Allah and His Messenger, and that ye strive (your utmost) in the Cause of Allah, with your property and your persons: That will be best for you if ye but knew”. Surah Al #Saff Q61:11


“She (Mary) said: “I seek refuge from thee to (Allah) Most Gracious: (come not near) if thou dost fear Allah”. Surah #Maryam Q19:18.

A’isha said, “she asked ‘Messenger of Allah if I know what night the Night of Power is, what do you think I should say during it?’ He said, ‘Say: “O Allah, You are Pardoning and you love to pardon, so pardon me”. (Tirmidhi)

اللْهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُعَنِّي

Allahumma innaka `afuwwun tuhibbul `afwa fa`fu `annee

In this 20th day of Ramadan, we are now approaching the Night of Power. So, perform Lylatul Quadr and remember your child/children in prayers!



  • “It is Allah who creates you and takes your souls at death; and of you, there are some who are sent back to a feeble age, so that they know nothing after having known (much): for Allah is All-Knowing, All-powerful”. Surah Al #Nahl Q16:70
  • “Thou wouldst only, perchance, fret thyself to death, following after them, in grief, if they believe not in this Message”. Surah Al #Kahf Q18:6
  • “It is He Who gives life and death, and to Him (is due) the alternation of Night and Day: will ye not then understand?” They say: “What! when we die and become dust and bones, could we really be raised up again?” Surah Al #Muminuh Q23:80+82


This reflection reminds us of (i) death (ii) the realisation that incidents like ill-health related, sickness, and accidents are circumstantial scenarios (iii) consciousness of accountability, and many more.

“Wherever ye are, death will find you out, even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!” If some good befalls them, they say, “This is from Allah”; but if evil, they say, “This is from thee” (O Prophet). Say: “All things are from Allah.” But what hath come to these people, that they fail to understand a single fact?” Surah Al #Nisaa Q4:78

“If thou couldst but see how the wicked (do fare) in the flood of confusion at death! – the angels stretch forth their hands, (saying), “Yield up your souls: this day shall ye receive your reward,- a penalty of shame, for that ye used to tell lies against Allah, and scornfully to reject of His signs!” Surah Al Anaam Q6:93

“Ye shall indeed be raised up after death”, the Unbelievers would be sure to say, “This is nothing but obvious sorcery!” Surah Al #Hud Q11:7

Summarily, no one lives forever. Our expiration lapse at death. And that accidents, sickness, and other trauma leading to our deaths are circumstantial – our terms are appropriately appointed. With the permission of Allah, the angel of death Azrail in Islam and known as Azrael in Christianity separate our souls from our bodies.

“Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:185

“Of no effect is the repentance of those who continue to do evil, until death faces one of them, and he says, “Now have I repented indeed;” nor of those who die rejecting Faith: for them have We prepared a punishment most grievous”. Surah An-#Nisaa Q4:18

“It is He who doth take your souls by night and hath knowledge of all that ye have done by day: by day doth He raise you up again; that a term appointed be fulfilled; At the end unto Him will be your return; then will He show you the truth of all that ye did. He is the irresistible, (watching) from above over His worshippers, and He sets guardians over you. At length, when death approaches one of you, Our angels take his soul, and they never fail in their duty”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:60+61

“To every people is a term appointed: when their term is reached, not an hour can they cause delay, nor (an hour) can they advance (it in anticipation)”. Surah #Araaf Q7:34

“If thou couldst see, when the angels take the souls of the Unbelievers (at death), (How) they smite their faces and their backs, (saying): “Taste the penalty of the blazing Fire” Surah Al #Anfaal Q8:50

“In gulps will he sip it, but never will he be near swallowing it down his throat: death will come to him from every quarter, yet will he not die: and in front of him will be a chastisement unrelenting”. Surah Al #Ibrahim Q14:17


The reflection on these verses raise awareness in the following ways:

  • “O ye who believe! When death approaches any of you, (take), witnesses, among yourselves when making bequests,- two just men of your own (brotherhood) or others from outside if ye are journeying through the earth, and the chance of death befalls you (thus). If ye doubt (their truth), detain them both after prayer, and let them both swear by Allah: “We wish not in this for any worldly gain, even though the (beneficiary) be our near relation: we shall hide not the evidence before Allah: if we do, then behold! the sin be upon us!” Surah Al #Maaida Q5:106
  • “And verily, it is We Who give life, and Who give death: it is We Who remain inheritors (after all else passes away)”. Surah Al #Hijr Q15:23
  • “Nor did We give them bodies that ate no food, nor were they exempt from death. Every soul shall have a taste of death: and We test you by evil and by good by way of trial. to Us must ye return”. Surah #Anbiyah Q21:8+35
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un –
“Verily we belong to Allah, and verily to Him do we return”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:156



“Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: Women and sons; Heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses branded (for blood and excellence); and (wealth of) cattle and well-tilled land. Such are the possessions of this world’s life, but in nearness to Allah is the best of the goals (To return to)”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:14

“Those who do wish for the (things of) the Hereafter, and strive therefor with all due striving, and have Faith,- they are the ones whose striving is acceptable (to Allah)”. Surah Al #Israa Q17:19

“On the Day when heat will be produced out of that (wealth) in the fire of Hell, and with it will be branded their foreheads, their flanks, and their backs, their flanks, and their backs.- “This is the (treasure) which ye buried for yourselves: taste ye, then, the (treasures) ye buried!” Surah Al #Taubah Q9:35

“Come not nigh to the orphan’s property except to improve it, until he attains the age of full strength; and fulfil (every) engagement, for (every) engagement will be enquired into (on the Day of Reckoning)”. Surah Al #Israa Q17:34

“And wealth (and conveniences of life), wherein they had taken such delight! Thus (was their end)! And We made other people inherit (those things)”. Surah Al #Dukhaan Q44:27-28

“And in their wealth and possessions (was remembered) the right of the (needy) him who asked, and him who (for some reason) was prevented (from asking)”. Surah Adh #Dhaariyat Q51:19

“And there is not a thing but its (sources and) treasures (inexhaustible) are with Us, but We only send down thereof in due and ascertainable measures”. Surah Al #Hijr Q15:21

“If ye had control of the Treasures of the Mercy of my Lord, behold, ye would keep them back, for fear of spending them: for man is (every) niggardly!” Surah Al Israa Q17:100

“Their Prophet said to them: “Allah hath appointed Talut as king over you.” They said: “How can he exercise authority over us when we are better fitted than he to exercise authority, and he is not even gifted, with wealth in abundance?”He said: “Allah hath Chosen him above you, and hath gifted him abundantly with knowledge and bodily prowess: Allah Granteth His authority to whom He pleaseth. Allah careth for all, and He knoweth all things” Surah Al Baqarah Q2:247

“As in the case of those before you: they were mightier than you in power, and more flourishing in wealth and children. They had their enjoyment of their portion: and ye have of yours, as did those before you; and ye indulge in idle talk as they did. They!- their work are fruitless in this world and in the Hereafter, and they will lose (all spiritual good)”. Surah At-Taubah Q9:69

Violent (and cruel),- with all that, base-born. Because he possesses wealth and (numerous) sons”. Surah Al #Qalam Q68:13-14

“Qarun was doubtless, of the people of Moses; but he acted insolently towards them: such were the treasures We had bestowed on him that their very keys would have been a burden to a body of strong men, behold, his people said to him: “Exult not, for Allah loveth not those who exult (in riches)”. Surah Al #Qasas Q28:76

“Wealth and sons are allurements of the life of this world: But the things that endure, good deeds, are best in the sight of thy Lord, as rewards, and best as (the foundation for) hopes”. Surah Al Kahf Q18:46

“Do they think that because We have granted them the abundance of wealth and sons, We would hasten them on in every good? Nay, they do not understand”. Surah Al #Muminuh Q23:55-56

“The Day whereon neither wealth nor sons will avail. But only he (will prosper) that brings to Allah a sound heart” Surah Ash #Shuarah Q26:88-89

“Is it they who would portion out the Mercy of thy Lord? It is We Who portion out between them their livelihood in the life of this world: and We raise some of them above others in ranks, so that some may command work from others. But the Mercy of thy Lord is better than the (wealth) which they amass”. Surah Al #Zukhruf Q43:32

“And collect (wealth) and hide it (from use)! Truly man was created very impatient”

Surah Al #Maarij Q70:18-19

“There is no blame on you if ye divorce women before consummation or the fixation of their dower; but bestow on them (A suitable gift), the wealthy according to his means, and the poor according to his means;- A gift of a reasonable amount is due from those who wish to do the right thing”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:236

“Of no profit to me has been my wealth! “My power has perished from me! (The stern command will say): “Seize ye him, and bind ye him. “And burn ye him in the Blazing Fire”Surah Al #Haaqah Q69:28-31


This reflection reminds us of (i) knowledge as valuable (ii) wealth;- spending and sharing (iii) preserving treasures, properties, and possessions, and (iv) what we shall be tested with.

“And render to the kindred their due rights, as (also) to those in want, and to the wayfarer: But squander not (your wealth) in the manner of a spendthrift.Verily, spendthrifts are brothers of the Evil Ones; and the Evil One is to his Lord (himself) ungrateful” Surah Al Israa Q17:26-27

“…mutually share with them wealth and children; and make promises to them.” But Satan promises them nothing but deceit”Surah Al Israa Q17:64

“They are the ones who say, “Spend nothing on those who are with Allah’s Messenger, to the end that they may disperse (and quit Medina).” But to Allah belong the treasures of the heavens and the earth; but the Hypocrites understand not”.Surah Al #Munafiqun Q63:7

It can be deduced that we are being given some or all of these things to test our Imaan.

“(Abundant) was the produce this man had: he said to his companion, in the course of a mutual argument: “more wealth have I than you, and more honour and power in (my following of) men” Surah Al #Kahf Q18:34

“Let not their wealth nor their (following in) sons dazzle thee: in reality Allah’s plan is to punish them with these things in this life, and that their souls may perish in their (very) denial of Allah”.Surah At-Taubah Q9:55


“Nor let their wealth nor their (following in) sons dazzle thee: Allah’s plan is to punish them with these things in this world, and that their souls may perish in their (very) denial of Allah”. Surah at-Tawba Q9:85

“In the bounty of Allah. And in His Mercy,- in that let them rejoice”: that is better than the (wealth) they hoard”. Surah Al #Yunus Q10:58

“O, my people! I ask you for no wealth in return: my reward is from none but Allah: But I will not drive away (in contempt) those who believe: for verily they are to meet their Lord, and ye I see are the ignorant ones! Surah Al #Hud Q11:29

Summarily, luxuries, blessings and endowments are granted for some reasons. So, don’t mock those who don’t have what you got.

"Now, when (the embassy) came to Solomon, he said: "Will ye give me abundance in wealth? But that which Allah has given me is better than that which He has given you! Nay, it is ye who rejoice in your gift!
Surah Al #Naml Q27:36


“Glory to Him! He is high above all that they say!- Exalted and Great (beyond measure)”

Surah Al Israa Q17:43

O Allah! the Exalted in Power, the Grantor of Bounties without measure bestow on us the treasures with Mercy.

Surah #Saad Q38:9

“It is You Who giveth wealth and satisfaction. And You are the Lord of Sirius (the Mighty Star)”

Surah An #Najm Q53:48-49
"O my Lord! Let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honour, and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honour; and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me)".
Surah Al Israa Q17:80
#GSEP shares with LOVE, empowers with HOPE, and transforms with LEGACY and PRAYERS. Please, share!



“…when ye are touched by distress, unto Him ye cry with groans” Surah Al Nahl Q16:53

“We send down (stage by stage) in the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss”. Surah Al #Israa Q17:82

“…never give up hope of Allah’s Soothing Mercy: truly no one despairs of Allah’s Soothing Mercy, except those who have no faith”. Surah Al #Yusuf Q12:87

“It is He Who doth show you the lightning, by way both of fear and of hope: It is He Who doth raise up the clouds, heavy with (fertilising) rain”. Surah Ar #Raad Q13:12

“Leave them alone, to enjoy (the good things of this life) and to please themselves: let (false) hope amuse them: soon will knowledge (undeceive them)”. Surah Al #Hijr Q15:3

“And if ye do catch them out, catch them out no worse than they catch you out: But if ye show patience, that is indeed the best (course) for those who are patient. And do thou be patient, for thy patience is but from Allah; nor grieve over them: and distress, not thyself because of their plots”.Surah Al #Nahl Q16:126-127

“Those whom they call upon do desire (for themselves) means of access to their Lord, – even those who are nearest: they hope for His Mercy and fear His Wrath: for the Wrath of thy Lord is something to take heed of” Surah Al #Israa Q17:57

“Had We sent this as a Qur’an (in the language) other than Arabic, they would have said: “Why are not its verses explained in detail? What! (a Book) not in Arabic and (a Messenger an Arab?” Say: “It is a Guide and a Healing to those who believe; and for those who believe not, there is a deafness in their ears, and it is blindness in their (eyes): They are (as it were) being called from a place far distant!”Surah Al #Fussilat Q41:44

“There was indeed in them an excellent example for you to follow,- for those whose hope is in Allah and in the Last Day…” Surah Al #Mumtahanah Q60:6


This reflection reminds us of the significance of (i) inner peace, (ii) perseverance, (iii) hope coupled with salvation for soul and system nourishment.

“O mankind! there hath come to you a direction from your Lord and a healing for the (diseases) in your hearts,- and for those who believe, a guidance and a Mercy”. Surah Al #Yunus Q10:57

“What is with you must vanish: what is with Allah will endure. And We will certainly bestow, on those who patiently persevere, their reward according to the best of their actions”. Surah Al Nahl Q16:96

“But any that (in this life) had repented, believed, and worked righteousness, will have hopes to be among those who achieve salvation”. Surah Al #Qasas Q28:67

“What is the matter with you, that ye place not your hope for kindness and long-suffering in Allah”. Surah Al #Nuh Q71:13


“Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel, Ni’mal Maula Wa Ni’man Naseer – Allah is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Guardian; The Excellent Protector and The Excellent Helper” Surah Al #Imraan Q3:173 & Surah Al #Anfal Q8:40

Surah Al #Kahf Q18:24

“Without adding, “So, please Allah!” and call thy Lord to mind when thou forgettest, and say, “I hope that my Lord will guide me ever closer (even) than this to the right road”.

Surah As #Shuaraa Q26:82

“And who, I hope, will forgive me my faults on the Day of Judgment”.

Surah Al #Naml Q27:46

“O my people! why to ask ye to hasten on the evil in preference to the good? If only ye ask Allah for forgiveness, ye may hope to receive mercy”.

“Therefore, to thy Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice”. Surah Al #Kawthar Q108:2


WHO HATH FORBIDDEN THE BEAUTIFUL (GIFTS) of ALLAH, which He hath produced for His servants, and the things, clean and pure, (which He hath provided) FOR SUSTENANCE?” Surah Al #Araaf Q7:32

“Right graciously did her Lord accept her: He made her grow in purity and beauty: To the care of Zakariya was she assigned. Every time that he entered (Her) chamber to see her, He found her supplied with sustenance. He said: “O Mary! Whence (comes) this to you?” She said: “From Allah: for Allah Provides sustenance to whom He pleases without measure”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:37

“See ye what things Allah hath sent down to you for sustenance? Yet ye hold forbidden some things thereof and (some things) lawful.” Say: “Hath Allah indeed permitted you, or do ye invent (things) to attribute to Allah?”. Surah Al #Yunus Q10:59

“And remember Moses prayed for water for his people; We said: “Strike the rock with thy staff.” Then gushed forth therefrom twelve springs. Each group knew its own place for water. So eat and drink of the sustenance provided by Allah, and do no evil nor mischief on the (face of the) earth”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:60

“Thou causest the night to gain on the day, and Thou causest the day to gain on the night; Thou bringest the Living out of the dead, and Thou bringest the dead out of the Living; and Thou givest sustenance to whom Thou pleasest, without measure”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:27

Say: “Come, I will rehearse what Allah hath (really) prohibited you from”: Join not anything as equal with Him; be good to your parents; kill not your children on a plea of want;- We provide sustenance for you and for them;- come not nigh to shameful deeds. Whether open or secret; take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He commands you, that ye may learn wisdom”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:151

“Call to mind when ye were a small (band), despised through the land, and afraid that men might despoil and kidnap you; But He provided a safe asylum for you, strengthened you with His aid, and gave you Good things for sustenance: that ye might be grateful”. Surah Al Anfaal Q8:26


“We settled the Children of Israel in a beautiful dwelling-place, and provided for them sustenance of the best…”
Surah Al #Yunus Q10:93
“There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance dependeth on Allah: He knoweth the time and place of its definite abode and its temporary deposit: All is in a clear Record”.
Surah Al #Hud Q11:6

“So eat of the sustenance which Allah has provided for you, lawful and good; and be grateful for the favours of Allah, if it is He Whom ye serve”. He has only forbidden you dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and any (food) over which the name of other than Allah has been invoked. But if one is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits,- then Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”.
Surah Al #Nahl Q16:114-115

“Kill not your children for fear of want: We shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you. Verily the killing of them is a great sin”.
Surah Al #Israa Q17:31
“Eat of the good things We have provided for your sustenance, but commit no excess therein, lest My Wrath should justly descend on you: and those on whom descends My Wrath do perish indeed!”
Surah Al #Taahaa Q20:81

“Allah enlarges the sustenance (which He gives) to whichever of His servants He pleases; and He (similarly) grants by (strict) measure, (as He pleases): for Allah has full knowledge of all things”.
Surah Al #Ankaboot Q29:62
“Now, as for man, when his Lord trieth him, giving him honour and gifts, then saith he, (puffed up), “My Lord hath honoured me. But when He trieth him, restricting his subsistence for him, then saith he (in despair), “My Lord hath humiliated me!”
Surah Al #Fajr Q89:15-16


This reflection reminds us of (i) contentment (ii) appreciation of what is bestowed on us (iii) generous sustenance, (iv) feeding, surviving, and sustaining in Halal ways, and more.

“The Companions of the Fire will call to the Companions of the Garden: “Pour down to us water or anything that Allah doth provide for your sustenance.” They will say: “Both these things hath Allah forbidden to those who rejected Him”. Surah Al #Araaf Q7:50

“Such in truth are the believers: they have grades of dignity with their Lord, and forgiveness, and generous sustenance”. Surah Al #Anfaal Q8:4

“Those who patiently persevere, seeking the countenance of their Lord; Establish regular prayers; spend, out of (the gifts) We have bestowed for their sustenance, secretly and openly; and turn off Evil with the good: for such, there is the final attainment of the (eternal) home”. Surah Ar #Raad Q13:22

“Speak to my servants who have believed, that they may establish regular prayers, and spend (in charity) out of the sustenance we have given them, secretly and openly, before the coming of a Day in which there will be neither mutual bargaining nor befriending”. Surah Al #Ibrahim Q14:31


Said Jesus the son of Mary: “O Allah our Lord! Send us from heaven a table set (with viands), that there may be for us – for the first and the last of us – a solemn festival and a sign from thee; and provide for our sustenance, for thou art the best Sustainer (of our needs)”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:114

“How many are the creatures that carry not their own sustenance? It is Allah who feeds (both) them and you: for He hears and knows (all things). Surah Al #Ankaboot Q29:60

O Lord, provide for us sufficiently and grant us the privilege to utilise them righteously. Aameen 🤲


“Do they not know that it is Allah who accepts repentance from His servants and receives charities and that it is Allah who is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful?” Surah At-#Taubah Q9:104

“And Satan will say when the matter is decided: “It was Allah Who gave you a promise of Truth: I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you. I had no authority over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah…”Surah Al #Ibrahim Q14:22

“Turn ye back in repentance to Him, and fear Him: establish regular prayers, and be not ye among those who join gods with Allah”. Surah Ar-#Room Q30:31

“(David) said: “He has undoubtedly wronged thee in demanding thy (single) ewe to be added to his (flock of) ewes: truly many are the partners (in business) who wrong each other: Not so do those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, and how few are they?”… and David gathered that We had tried him: he asked forgiveness of his Lord, fell down, bowing (in prostration), and turned (to Allah in repentance). Surah #Saad Q38:24

“He is the One who accepts repentance from His Servants and forgives sins: and He knows all that ye do”. Surah Ash-#Shuraa Q42:25

“If ye two turns in repentance to Him, your hearts are indeed so inclined; But if ye back up each other against him, truly Allah is his Protector, and Gabriel, and (every) righteous one among those who believe,- and furthermore, the angels – will back (him) up”. Surah At #Tahrim Q66:4

“See they not what is before them and behind them, of the sky and the earth? If We wished, We could cause the earth to swallow them up, or cause a piece of the sky to fall upon them. Verily in this is a Sign for every devotee that turns to Allah (in repentance)”. Surah #Saba Q34:9

“Those who eschew Evil,- and fall not into its worship,- and turn to Allah (in repentance),- for them is Good News: so announce the Good News to My Servants”. Surah Az-#Zumar Q39:17

“Who forgiveth sin, accepteth repentance, is strict in punishment, and hath a long reach (in all things). there is no god but He: to Him is the final goal”. Surah Al #Ghaafir Q40:3

“O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterward become full of repentance for what ye have done”. Surah Al #Hujuraat Q49:6

“Those who persecute (or draw into temptation) the Believers, men, and women, and do not turn in repentance, will have the Penalty of Hell: They will have the Penalty of the Burning 🔥 fire”.Surah Al #Burooj Q85:10


This reflection reminds us of the importance of seeking forgiveness and constancy in turning to Allah for the repentance of our transgressions (and sins) as remedies to the acceptance of our prayers.

“Do they not know that they are tried every year, once or twice? Yet they turn not in repentance and they take no heed”. Surah At-Tawbah Q9:126

“When trouble touches men, they cry to their Lord, turning back to Him in repentance: but when He gives them a taste of Mercy as from Himself, behold, some of them pay part-worship to other god’s besides their Lord”. Surah Ar-Room Q30:33.

“Turn ye to our Lord (in repentance) and bow to His (Will), before the Penalty comes on you: after that ye shall not be helped”. Surah Az-#Zumar Q39:54

“O ye who believe! Turn to Allah with sincere repentance: In the hope that your Lord will remove from you your ills and admit you to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow,- the Day that Allah will not permit to be humiliated the Prophet and those who believe with him. Their Light will run forward before them and by their right hands, while they say, “Our Lord! Perfect our Light for us, and grant us Forgiveness: for Thou hast power over all things”. Surah At-Tahrim Q66:8


“Remember Abraham said: “O my Lord! make this city one of peace and security: and preserve me and my sons from worshipping idols”.

Surah Al Ibrahim Q14:35

“Those who sustain the Throne (of Allah) and those around it Sing Glory and Praise to their Lord; believe in Him; and implore Forgiveness for those who believe: “Our Lord! Thy Reach is over all things, in Mercy and Knowledge. Forgive, then, those who turn in Repentance, and follow Thy Path; and preserve them from the Penalty of the Blazing Fire!

Surah Al Ghaafir Q40:7

“O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Thy Sacred House; in order, O our Lord, that they may establish regular Prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits: so that they may give thanks”.

Surah Al Ibrahim Q14:37



“Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;”. Surah Al #Faatiah Q1:2

“Allah is He, than Whom there is no other god;- the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Source of Peace (and Perfection), the Guardian of Faith, the Preserver of Safety, the Exalted in Might, the Irresistible, the Supreme: Glory to Allah! (High is He) above the partners, they attribute to Him”.Surah Al #Hashr Q59:23

“It is He Who shows you the lightning, by way both of fear and of hope: It is He Who doth raise up the clouds, heavy with (fertilising) rain!”. Surah Ar-Ra’d Q13:12

“And it is He who spread out the earth, and set thereon mountains standing firm and (flowing) rivers: and fruit of every kind He made in pairs, two and two: He draweth the night as a veil o’er the Day. Behold, verily in these things, there are signs for those who consider!”. Surah Ar-Ra’d Q13:3

“Allah is the Creator of all things: He is the One, the Supreme and Irresistible”. Surah Ar-Ra’d Q13:16

“It is He Who has created you (and made you grow), and made for you the faculties of hearing, seeing, feeling, and understanding: little thanks it is ye give. It is He Who has multiplied you through the earth, and to Him shall ye be gathered together”. Surah Al #Mulk Q67: 23 -24

“Allah knows what every female (womb) doth bear, by how much the wombs fall short (of their time or number) or do exceed. Every single thing is before His sight, in (due) proportion. He knoweth the unseen and that which is open: He is the Great, the Most High”. Surah Ar-Ra’d Q13:8-9

“The Master (and King) of the Day of Judgment”. Surah Al Faatiah Q1:4


This reflection reminds us of Allah (God) acknowledging the supremacy (and strength) of His Majestic Power.

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction”. Surah Ar #Raad Q13:28

“He Who created the heavens and the earth in Six Days, and is moreover firmly established on the Throne (of Authority). He knows what enters within the earth and what comes forth out of it, what comes down from heaven, and what mounts up to it. And He is with you wheresoever ye may be. And Allah sees well all that ye do”. Surah Al #Hadid Q57:4

“He is my Lord! There is no god but He! On Him is my trust, and to Him do I turn!”. Surah Ar-Ra’d Q13:30


He is the First and the Last. And to Him belong the most perfect of all NAMES. So, stop 🛑 FOOLING yourself and don’t be FOOLED around!

“…Bring out thy people from the depths of darkness into light, remind and teach them to remember the Days of Allah…”. Surah Al #Ibrahim Q14:5


Allaahummaghfir lee, warhamnee, wahdinee, wa ‘aafinee warzuqnee –

O Allah forgive us, have mercy on us, guide us, give us good health, and provide for us bountifully.

The Prophet (SAW) said: For me to say: “Glory is to Allah, and praise is to Allah, and there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and Allah is the Most Great” –

Subhaanallaahi, walhamdu lillaahi, wa laa ‘ilaaha ‘illallaahu, wallaahu ‘Akbar.

Muslim 4/2072


“In whatever business thou mayest be, and whatever portion thou mayest be reciting from the Qur’an,- and whatever deed ye (mankind) may be doing,- We are witnesses thereof when ye are deeply engrossed therein. Nor is hidden from thy Lord (so much as) the weight of an atom on the earth or in heaven. And not the least and not the greatest of these things but are recorded in a clear record”.
Surah Al Yunus Q10:61

Those who desire the life of the present and its glitter,- to them, we shall pay (the price of) their deeds therein,- without diminution. They are those for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but the Fire: vain are the designs they frame therein, and of no effect and the deeds that they do!”.

Surah Al #Hud Q11:15-16

“The likeness of the life of the present is as the rain which We send down from the skies: by its mingling arises the produce of the earth- which provides food for men and animals: (It grows) till the earth is clad with its golden ornaments and is decked out (in beauty): the people to whom it belongs think they have all powers of disposal over it: There reaches it Our command by night or by day, and We make it like a harvest clean-mown as if it had not flourished only the day before! thus do We explain the Signs in detail for those who reflect”. Surah Yunus Q10:24

“Allah doth enlarge, or grant by (strict) measure, the sustenance (which He giveth) to whom so He pleaseth. (The worldly) rejoice in the life of this world: But the life of this world is but little comfort compared to the Hereafter”. Surah Ar-#Raad Q13:26

“It is He Who giveth life and who taketh it, and to Him shall ye all be brought back” Surah Yunus Q10:56


“…in the life of the present and in the Hereafter; no change can there be in the words of Allah. This is indeed the supreme felicity”. Surah Yunus Q10:64

“A little enjoyment in this world!- and then, to Us will be their return, then shall We make them taste the severest penalty for their blasphemies”. Surah Al Yunus Q10:70


This reflection reminds us of the consciousness of our actions and causes in this world (Dunya). The importance is that our actions and causes will be the outcomes and consequences (harvests) awaiting us in the Hereafter.

“Those who would hinder (men) from the path of Allah and would seek in it something crooked: these were they who denied the Hereafter!”. Surah Al #Hud Q11:19

“But those who believe and work righteousness, and humble themselves before their Lord,- They will be companions of the gardens, to dwell therein for aye!”. Surah Al Hud Q11:23

“Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those before them? But the home of the hereafter is best, for those who do right. Will ye not then understand?”. Surah Al Yusuf Q12:109


“Thou art my Protector in this world and in the Hereafter. Take Thou my soul (at death) as one submitting to Thy will (as a Muslim), and unite me with the righteous”

Surah Al #Yusuf Q12:101



“Allah hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty they (incur)”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:7

“He it is Who has sent down to thee the Book: In it are verses basic or fundamental (of established meaning); they are the foundation of the Book: others are allegorical. But those in whose hearts are perversity follow the part thereof that is allegorical, seeking discord, and searching for its hidden meanings, but no one knows its hidden meanings except Allah. And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say: “We believe in the Book; the whole of it is from our Lord:” and none will grasp the Message except men of understanding”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:7

“Allah hath set the seal on their hearts..” Q4:155

“But because of the breach of their covenant, We cursed them, and made their hearts grow hard; they change the words from their (right) places and forget a good part of the message that was sent them, nor wilt thou cease to find them- barring a few – ever bent on (new) deceits: but forgive them, and overlook (their misdeeds): for Allah loveth those who are kind”.

Surah Al #Maaida Q5:13

“For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord;” Surah Al #Anfaal Q8:2

“Indeed, they enfold ˹what is in˺ their hearts, ˹trying˺ to hide it from Him! But even when they cover themselves with their clothes, He knows what they conceal and what they reveal. Surely He knows best what is ˹hidden˺ in the heart”. Surah Al-Hud Q11:5


Our reflection reminds us to obey Allah and His Messenger and keep our relations good with each other. “O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do”. Surah Al Nisaa Q4:135

“We hear and we obey”: And fear Allah, for Allah knoweth well the secrets of your hearts”. Surah Al #Maaida Q5:7

“In their hearts is a disease; and Allah has increased their disease: And grievous is the penalty they (incur), because they are false (to themselves)”.
Surah Al Baqarah Q2:10

“Thenceforth were your hearts hardened: They became like a rock and even worse in hardness. For among rocks, there are some from which rivers gush forth; others there are which when split asunder send forth water; and others which sink for fear of Allah. And Allah is not unmindful of what ye do”.

Surah Al Baqarah Q2:74

“Those men,-Allah knows what is in their hearts; so keep clear of them, but admonish them, and speak to them a word to reach their very souls. Surah Al #Nisaa Q4:63

“When the suffering reached them from us, why then did they not learn humility? On the contrary their hearts became hardened, and Satan made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to them”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:43

“Many are the Jinns and men we have made for Hell: They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle,- nay more misguided: for they are heedless (of warning)”. Surah Al #Araaf Q7:179


“Our Lord!” (they say), “Let not our hearts deviate now after Thou hast guided us, but grant us mercy from Thine own Presence; for Thou art the Grantor of bounties without measure”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:8



“Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:116

“Remember Satan made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to them and said: “No one among men can overcome you this day, while I am near to you”: But when the two forces came in sight of each other, he turned on his heels, and said: “Lo! I am clear of you; lo! I see what ye see not; Lo! I fear Allah: for Allah is strict in punishment” Surah Al #Anfaal Q8:48

“Then began Satan to whisper suggestions to them, bringing openly before their minds all the shame that was hidden from them (before): he said: “Your Lord only forbade you this tree, lest ye should become angels or such beings as live forever. And he swore to them both, that he was their sincere adviser. So by deceit, he brought about their fall: when they tasted of the tree, their shame became manifest to them, and they began to sew together the leaves of the garden over their bodies”. Surah Al #Araaf Q7:20-22

“O ye Children of Adam! Let not Satan seduce you, in the same manner as He got your parents out of the Garden, stripping them of their raiment, to expose their shame: for him and his tribe watch you from a position where ye cannot see them: We made the evil ones friends (only) to those without faith”. Surah Al Araaf Q7:27


Neither allows Satan to become your MD (D) – Manipulative Deceptor & Destroyer nor take advantage of your weaknesses (e.g. anger, impatience).

May God Almighty protect and safeguard us from the satanic deception and manipulation of the evildoers. The devil will not hijack your code to glorious heights herein and hereafter. Aameen 🤲 Aameen. Every #Friday, don’t forget to recite Surah Al #Kahf Q18 and #YaSeen Q36 along with your daily Adhkar.


This series highlights some sins (tongue-related) that can void your fast and/or other deeds.

WHY SHOULD YE BE..? Surah An-Nisaa Q4:88

“The Hypocrites; men and women, (have an understanding) with each other: They enjoy evil, and forbid what is just, and are close with their hands. They have forgotten Allah; so He hath forgotten them. Verily the Hypocrites are rebellious and perverse”

— Surah At-Tawbah Q9:67

“Surely, those who level a false charge against the chaste and believing women are cursed in this world and the Hereafter, and for them, there is a grievous punishment”

— Surah Al-Noor Q24:23

“And obey not (the behests) of the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and heed not their annoyances, but put thy Trust in Allah. For enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs”

— Surah Al-Ahzaab Q33:48

“Truly, if the Hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a disease, and those who stir up sedition in the City, desist not, We shall certainly stir thee up against them: Then will they not be able to stay in it as thy neighbours for any length of time:”

— Surah Al-Ahzaab Q33:60

“O Prophet! When believing women come to thee to take the oath of fealty to thee, that they will not associate in worship any other thing whatever with Allah, that they will not steal, that they will not commit adultery (or fornication), that they will not kill their children, that they will not utter slander, intentionally forging falsehood, and that they will not disobey thee in any just matter,- then do thou receive their fealty, and pray to Allah for the forgiveness (of their sins): for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”

— Surah Al-Mumtahanah Q60:12

“Allah beareth witness that the Hypocrites are indeed liars”

— Surah Al-Munafiqoon Q63:1

“A slanderer (or scorner), going about with malicious gossip”

— Surah al-Qalam Q68:11

“The Hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Fire: no helper wilt thou find for them;-”

— Surah An-Nisaa Q4:145

“As in the case of those before you: they were mightier than you in power, and more flourishing in wealth and children. They had their enjoyment of their portion: and ye have of yours, as did those before you; and ye indulge in idle talk as they did. They!- their work are fruitless in this world and in the Hereafter, and they will lose (all spiritual good)”

— Surah At-Tawbah Q9:69

“Which then is best? – he that layeth his foundation on piety to Allah and His good pleasure? – or he that layeth his foundation on an undermined sand cliff ready to crumble to pieces? and it doth crumble to pieces with him, into the fire of Hell. And Allah guideth, not people that do wrong”

— Surah At-Tawbah Q9:109



“God is my Lord and your Lord, so serve Him- that is a straight path”

— Surah Al #Imraan Q3:51

“Say: “Shall we indeed call on others besides Allah,- things that can do us neither good nor harm,- and turn on our heels after receiving guidance from Allah? – like one whom the evil ones have made into a fool, wandering bewildered through the earth, his friends calling, come to us’, (vainly) guiding him to the path.” Say: “Allah’s guidance is the (only) guidance, and we have been directed to submit ourselves to the Lord of the worlds;-”

— Surah Al A’naam Q6:71

“We gave him Isaac and Jacob: all (three) guided: and before him, We guided Noah, and among his progeny, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron: thus do We reward those who do good: (To them) and to their fathers, and progeny and brethren: We chose them, and we guided them to a straight way”

— Surah Al A’naam Q6:84&87

“Verily, this is My way, leading straight: follow it: follow not (other) paths: they will scatter you about from His (great) path: thus doth He commands you. that ye may be righteous”

— Surah Al A’naam Q6:153

“Verily, my Lord hath guided me to a way that is straight,- a religion of right,- the path (trod) by Abraham the true in Faith, and he (certainly) joined not gods with Allah”

— Surah Al #Anaam Q6:161



“Verily thy Lord will judge between them on the Day of Judgment, in the matters wherein they differ (among themselves)”. Surah As #Sajda Q32:25

“Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority: their abode will be the Fire: And evil is the home of the wrong-doers!”. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:151

“As to those who believe and work righteousness, Allah will pay them (in full) their reward; but Allah loveth not those who do wrong”. Surah Al Imraan Q3:57

“When their eyes will turn towards the residents of Hell, they will pray, “Our Lord! Do not join us with the wrongdoing people”. Surah Al #Araaf Q7:47

"For those who believe and do righteous deeds are Gardens as hospitable homes, for their (good) deeds"
Surah As Sajda Q32:19



“For me, I have set my face, firmly and truly, towards Him Who created the heavens and the earth, and never shall I give partners to Allah”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:79

“As to those who are rebellious and wicked, their abode will be the Fire: every time they wish to get away therefrom, they will be forced thereinto, and it will be said to them: “Taste ye the Penalty of the Fire, the which ye were wont to reject as false””And indeed We will make them taste of the Penalty of this (life) prior to the supreme Penalty, in order that they may (repent and) return”. Surah As-#Sajda Q32:20-21

“When their eyes will turn towards the residents of Hell, they will pray, “Our Lord! Do not join us with the wrongdoing people”
Surah Al #Araaf Q7:47


“Then guard yourselves against a day when one soul shall not avail another nor shall intercession be accepted for her, nor shall compensation be taken from her, nor shall anyone be helped (from outside)”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:48

“… those who do right and refrain from wrong have a great reward;-“. Surah Al #Imraan Q3:172

“The balance that day will be true (to nicety): those whose scale (of good) will be heavy, will prosper:” Surah Al #Araaf Q7:8




“Seek (Allah’s) help with patient, perseverance, and prayer: It is indeed hard, except for those who bring a lowly spirit”.

Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:45


“If Allah touches thee with affliction, none can remove it but He; if He touches thee with happiness, He hath power over all things”. Surah Al #Anaam Q6:17

“Whatever Allah wills shall come to pass, for there is no power except with Him”.

Surah #Kahf Q18:39


O Lord, guide us to the right (and straight) path

“Our Lord! make us submissive, bowing to Thy (Will), and of our progeny, a nation submitting, bowing to Thy (will); and show us our place for the celebration of (due) rites, and turn unto us (in Mercy); for Thou art the Oft-Returning, Most Merciful”.

Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:128.


“Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us: For Thou art the All-Hearing, the All-knowing”. Surah Al #Baqarah Q2:127




“There is for you an excellent example (to follow) in Abraham and those with him when they said to their people: “We are clear of you and of whatever ye worship besides Allah: we have rejected you, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred forever,- unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone”: But not when Abraham said to his father: “I will pray for forgiveness for thee, though I have no power (to get) aught on thy behalf from Allah.” (They prayed): “Our Lord! in Thee do we trust, and to Thee do we turn in repentance: to Thee is (our) Final Goal”.

Surah Al Mumtahanah Q60:4




Wishing you and your family a wonderful, peaceful, and harmonious Ramadan Season!
O Allah, Owner of Majesty and Honor, grant us the ability to fast, pray, submit to your will, and do all that pleases you in this month of faith and beyond.


Allahuma inni laka sumtu, wa’bika aamantu, [wa ‘alayka tawakkaltu], wa Ala rizqika aftartu.

Oh, Allah! I fasted for You and I believe in You [and I put my trust in You] and I break my fast with Your sustenance.

Wanna know more?

Maximise and expand your knowledge beyond what you already know. 
As open-minded people, please, let’s embrace the following Q&A from a multiple perspective (learning and knowing more about others).
Ramadan Q&AQuick Reminder
1.Which month of the Hijra is Ramadan? 9th.
2. From what time to what time  do Muslim fast during Ramadan? From sunrise 🌅 Fajr (04.13am UK Time) to sunset 🌇 Magrib (20.15pm UK Time). The Time is subject to change based on our different locations.
3. What does Lilatul Qadr means?  Night of Majesty or Power.
Which ayah from the Qur’an made reference to the night? Surah al Qadr  97.
4. What are the things to abstain from as Muslims especially during Ramadan? Eating,Intimacy (day time sexual intercourse), drinking, smoking, Fowl talks, and other immoral acts.
5. What significant connection does the Quran and the month of Ramadan has? The Quran was revealed in the Ramadan month.
6. List three important events that occurred in the month of Ramadan in the life of   the  Prophet. Pbu. The Quran was revealed The battle of Badr The victory of Makkah.
7. Describe the 3 special blessings in the month of Ramadan. 1st 10 days..God’s mercy. 2nd 10 days …..God’s forgiveness. 3rd 10 days…God’s protection/emancipation from hell-fire.
8. What are  the names of Islamic months before and after Ramadan? Before ….Sha’ban After …..Shawwal.


1. SHAWWAL is the 10th Month of the Islamic calendar.

2. Monday 25th May is the 2nd SHAWWAL and you can start your 6 days of fasting from Monday. The issue of 3 days of eid only applies to Eidul Adha, not Eid-ul Fitri. Just make sure you observe 6 days whether consecutively or intermittently.

3. Observe fasting on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the month as your good deeds are being presented to Allah.

4. Observe 3 days of fasting on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of every Islamic month. Those 3 days of Shawwal fall on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of June Inshaa Allah. If you fast for 3 days every month you will be rewarded with fasting for a whole year.

5. Procrastination is a thief of time. SHAWWAL ends on 21st or 22nd June. Start now.

6. Be conscious of dates in Islam.

SALATUL TASBIH (Prayer of Forgiveness)
The prophet (saw) said to Abbas there are ten things you will do that will wipe away your past, present, hidden, open, intentional, and non intentional  sins which is the (sallatul tasbihi )
Perform ablution
Pray four raka’at
In each raka’at read fatiha with preferred surah
Before you go for ruku’i, then you recite SUBAHANALLAHI, WALHAMDULLAHI, WALLAILLAHAILLAHU WALLAHU AKBAR (15) times before ruku’i, in ruku’i you recite (10) times, after ruku’i before sujjada you recite it (10) times, in sujjada recite (10) times, after you rise from sujjada you recite (10) times, before you go back to sujjada in the second sujjada you recite (10) times, then rise from sujjad as you sit and recite it (10) times before you stand up for the next raka’at. Then perform the same for 4 rakat
Before you realize-
You have carryout (75) tasbihi in every raka’at and that is how it will be in the remain raka’at which wil make it the sum  total of tasbihi carryout 300 in four raka’at.
WHEN TO PERFORM SALLATUL TASBIHI – Then he further says that you should at least try by all means to carry out this sallat every day,
if you are not opportune then every Friday, if you are not opportune then once in every months, if you are not opportune then once in every year, if you are not opportune then once in your life time.
BENEFIT OF SALATUL TASBIH – If you surely do it the way it is expected of, then if your sins will touch the sky or it will be as plenty as water in a sea of hamadah both the hidden and open,
Once, Allah (swt) will grant you forgiveness and reward you with janna. My beloved mothers, esteem fathers, handsome brothers, and beautiful sisters, this is a bonus, let rush and grab it before the end of Ramadan.
Do not leave it to pass, may Allah (swt)  give us the energy, time and power to carryout the ibadah and also shower his endless blessing and provide all the needs of the person that took his time to type shares with other people and any other person that will share with others duniya wa akira  🙏ameen ya rabbi🙏.

How to Pray Eid at Home during COVID-19 Lockdown

1 – You can Observe Eid at home with your family. 

2- Just observe two Rakah NO Khutbah required for the prayer. 

3 – If you know Suratul Aalaa (Sebi – Chapter 87) and Suratul Ghaashiyah (AL Hataka – Chapter 88), recite it for the first and the second rakah respectfully, if not recite any two Surah of your choice. 

4 – It’s 7 Takbeer (Allahu Akbar) for 1st Rakah before Surah Fatiha and another Surah of your Choice, and 5 Takbeer in the second Rakah before Surah Fatiha and another Surah of choice. 

5 – Continue to observe social distance as directed by the government across the world. 
Please, don’t visit anyone and don’t let anyone visit you for Eid celebration. Alternatively, engage with them via Google Meet, ZOOM or other social platforms to celebrate the D-day. 

Please, note below 👇🏿

*Highly Important *

1. First Rakat: 7 Takbeerat, including the starting Takbeer. (7 Takbeer altogether)

2. Second Rakat: 5 Takbeer plus the standing Takbeer (6 Takbeer altogether)
May Allah grant us His Tawfeeq and cover us with the clothes of Taqwah.
Eid Mubarak in advance to you and your household!

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At least one way or another, we could become diverse learners!

For General Islamic Knowledge, please, attempt the questions below.

  1. At what age did Prophet Muhammad become a prophet?

2. Prophet Dawud (ASW) is famously known for the story of Dawud (David) Vs?

3. Who was the 1st person to accept Islam during prophet Muhammad’s life?

4. How many brothers did Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) have?

5. Prophet Yusuf (as) possesed half the worlds?

6. Who was prophet Yusuf’s (as) father?

7. How many names does Allah (swt) have?

8. How many daily prayers did Allah originally ordain upon Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) ummah?

Q9. What was the name of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) 1st wife?

10. What was the name of Prophet Muhammd (pbuh) babysitter/ wet nurse as a child?

11. What is the name of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Father?

12. What prophet had a dream of seeing 11 stars, the sun and the moon bow to him?

13. What prophet was Musa (as) father in law?

14. When Prophet Musa (as) parted the sea, what did he strike it with?

15. What tribe did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) belong to?

16. Where is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) buried?

17. What is the reward of reciting Surah Ikhlas 3 times?

18. If you recite Surah Mulk daily, what does this protect you from?

19. What is the virtue of reciting Ayatul Kursi before bed?

20. Name the longest Surah in the quran?

21. In how many days did Allah create the Heavens and the Earth?

22. Why did Shaytan not bow down to Adam (as) when asked by Allah?

23. Name the shortest surah in the quran?

24. What surah was revealed first to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

25. What is the final surah in the Quran?

26. What was the last Surah revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

27. What is a hadith?

28. Linguistically, what does Shariah mean?

29. Which Angel will blow the horn to signal the final days?

30. Name prophet Sulaiman (as) father?

31. Who built the Kaabah?

32. What does Zam Zam mean?

33. What did Prophet Noah (as) build?

34. What is the name of Prophet Eesa (Jesus, pbuh) grandmother?

35. Prophet Eesa (as) had a cousin of a similar age who was a prophet too, can you name him?

36. How old was Prophet Muhammad at the time of death?

37. Over how many years was the Quran revealed?

38. What is the difference between a Rasul and a Nabi?

39. Name the 2nd prophet?

40. What significant world event happened during Prophet Noah’s (as) life time?

41. Where was the quran 1st revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)?

42. Name the prophet who was swallowed by a whale?

43. Name the prophet who was thrown into fire by his own people but did not burn?

44. Which prophet had control of the Jinn and was able to talk to animals?

45. Who was Prophet Ibrahim’s grandson?

46. What revelation was revealed to Prophet Eesa (as)?

47. What revelation was revealed to Prophet Musa (as)?

48. What revelation was revealed to Dawud (as)?

49. Name the angel who revealed the quran to Muhammad (pbuh)?

50. How many verses are there in the quran?

51. What does the word Islam mean?

52. What does the word Muslim mean?

53. What does the word Quran mean?

54. Muslims pray towards the Kaaba (Qibla), but what was the Qibla before the Kaabah?

55. How many years was their between Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Eesa?

56. Prophet Musa had a brother, what was his name?

57. Who was the enemy at the time of Musa?

58. What sea did Prophet Musa part?

59. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) beat the Makkah/Arabian champion of what discipline of self defense/ sport?

60. What creation is Shaytaan?

61. How many years ago was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) alive?

62. How many prophets existed?

63. At what age did Prophet Eesa (as) talk?


Q1-40, Q2-Goliath, Q3-Khadijah, Q4-11, Q5-Beauty, Q6-Prophet Yaqoob (as), Q7-99, Q8-50, Q9- Khadija bint Khuwaylid, Q10-Halima Sadia, Q11-Abdullah, Q12-Prophet Yusuf, Q13-Shuaib, Q14-A Staaf, Q15-The Quraish, Q16-Madinah, Q17-The reward of reciting the entire Quran, Q18-Punishment of the grave, Q19-You are protected from harm till sunrise, Q20-Surah Baqarah, Q21-6 days, Q22-Due to pride, Shaytan perceived himself greater than Adam due to Adam being made of clay and Shaytan being made of fire, Q23-Surah Al-Kawthar, Q24- Surah Al-Alaq, Q25-Surah al-Nas, Q26-Surah al-Nasr, Q27-Saying and or traditions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Q28-Islamic Law, Q29-Israfil, Q30-Prophet Dawood (pbuh), Q31-Prophet Ibrahim & Prophet Ishmaeel (as), Q32-Stop flowing, Q33-Ship, Q34-Hanna Binti Faqud Bin, Q35-Yahya, Q36-62/62, Q37-23 years, Q38-A Rasul brings a new message (law) while a Nabi follows the message (law) of the previous prophet, Q39-Prophet Idris, Q40-Flood, Q41-a cave on Mount Hira, Q42-Yunus (Jonah), Q43-Ibrahim, Q44-Sulaiman (Solomon), Q45-Yaqub, Q46-Injeel (Bible/Gospel), Q47-Taurat (Torah), Q48-PSALMS (Zuboor), Q49-Gibra’eel (Jibrīl), Q50-6236 verses, Q51-A person that submits to God, Q52-A follower of the religion of Islam, Q53-Recite, Q54-Al Aqsa, Q55-600, Q56-Harun (Aaron), Q57-Pharoah, Q58-Red sea, Q59-, Q60-Jinn, Q61-, Q62-124,000, Q63-At birth

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your entire housedhold. Enyoy the Sacred Month!

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