Ramadan Season Greetings

Ramadan Kareem!

#Ramadan Mubarak to you and your entire housedhold. Stay Home Safe. Stay Refresh!

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As open-minded people, please, let’s embrace the following Q&A from a multiple perspective (learning and knowing more about others).
Ramadan Q&AQuick Reminder
1.Which month of the Hijra is Ramadan? 9th.
2. From what time to what time  do Muslim fast during Ramadan? From sunrise 🌅 Fajr (04.13am UK Time) to sunset 🌇 Magrib (20.15pm UK Time). The Time is subject to change based on our different locations.
3. What does Lilatul Qadr means?  Night of Majesty or Power.
Which ayah from the Qur’an made reference to the night? Surah al Qadr  97.
4. What are the things to abstain from as Muslims especially during Ramadan? Eating,Intimacy (day time sexual intercourse), drinking, smoking, Fowl talks, and other immoral acts.
5. What significant connection does the Quran and the month of Ramadan has? The Quran was revealed in the Ramadan month.
6. List three important events that occurred in the month of Ramadan in the life of   the  Prophet. Pbu. The Quran was revealed The battle of Badr The victory of Makkah.
7. Describe the 3 special blessings in the month of Ramadan. 1st 10 days..God’s mercy. 2nd 10 days …..God’s forgiveness. 3rd 10 days…God’s protection/emancipation from hell-fire.
8. What are  the names of Islamic months before and after Ramadan? Before ….Sha’ban After …..Shawwal.


1. SHAWWAL is the 10th Month of the Islamic calendar.

2. Monday 25th May is the 2nd SHAWWAL and you can start your 6 days of fasting from Monday. The issue of 3 days of eid only applies to Eidul adha not eidul fitri. Just make sure you observe 6 days whether consecutively or intermittently.

3. Observe fasting on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the month as your good deeds are being presented to Allah.

4. Observe 3 days of fasting on the 13th, 14th and 15th of every Islamic month. Those 3 days of shawwal fall on the 5th, 6th and 7th of June in shaa Allah. If you fast for 3 days in every month you will be rewarded with fasting for a whole year.

5. Procrastination is a thief of time. SHAWWAL ends on 21st or 22nd June. Start now.

6. Be conscious of dates in Islam.

Please, note, I am not an Islamic Scholar, I am only sharing my little knowledge and understanding with you!

SALATUL TASBIH (Prayer of Forgiveness)
The prophet (saw) said to Abbas there are ten things you will do that will wipe away your past, present, hidden, open, intentional, and non intentional  sins which is the (sallatul tasbihi )
Perform ablution
Pray four raka’at
In each raka’at read fatiha with preferred surah
Before you go for ruku’i, then you recite SUBAHANALLAHI, WALHAMDULLAHI, WALLAILLAHAILLAHU WALLAHU AKBAR (15) times before ruku’i, in ruku’i you recite (10) times, after ruku’i before sujjada you recite it (10) times, in sujjada recite (10) times, after you rise from sujjada you recite (10) times, before you go back to sujjada in the second sujjada you recite (10) times, then rise from sujjad as you sit and recite it (10) times before you stand up for the next raka’at. Then perform the same for 4 rakat
Before you realize-
You have carryout (75) tasbihi in every raka’at and that is how it will be in the remain raka’at which wil make it the sum  total of tasbihi carryout 300 in four raka’at.
WHEN TO PERFORM SALLATUL TASBIHI – Then he further says that you should at least try by all means to carry out this sallat every day,
if you are not opportune then every Friday, if you are not opportune then once in every months, if you are not opportune then once in every year, if you are not opportune then once in your life time.
BENEFIT OF SALATUL TASBIH – If you surely do it the way it is expected of, then if your sins will touch the sky or it will be as plenty as water in a sea of hamadah both the hidden and open,
Once, Allah (swt) will grant you forgiveness and reward you with janna. My beloved mothers, esteem fathers, handsome brothers, and beautiful sisters, this is a bonus, let rush and grab it before the end of Ramadan.
Do not leave it to pass, may Allah (swt)  give us the energy, time and power to carryout the ibadah and also shower his endless blessing and provide all the needs of the person that took his time to type shares with other people and any other person that will share with others duniya wa akira  🙏ameen ya rabbi🙏.

How to Pray Eid at Home during COVID-19 Lockdown

1 – You can Observe Eid at home with your family. 

2- Just observe two Rakah NO Khutbah required for the prayer. 

3 – If you know Suratul Aalaa (Sebi – Chapter 87) and Suratul Ghaashiyah (AL Hataka – Chapter 88), recite it for the first and the second rakah respectfully, if not recite any two Surah of your choice. 

4 – It’s 7 Takbeer (Allahu Akbar) for 1st Rakah before Surah Fatia and another Surah of your Choice, and 5 Takbeer in the second Rakah before Surah Fatia and another Surah of choice. 

5 – Continue to observe social distance as directed by government across the world. 
Please, don’t visit anyone and don’t let anyone visit you for Eid celebration. Alternatively, engage with them via Google Meet, ZOOM or other social platforms to celebrate the D-day. 

Please, note below 👇🏿

*Highly Important *

1. First Rakat: 7 Takbeerat, including the starting Takbeer. (7 Takbeer altogether)

2. Second Rakat: 5 Takbeer plus the standing Takbeer (6 Takbeer altogether)
May Allah grant us His Tawfeeq and cover us with the clothes of Taqwah.
Eid Mubarak in advance to you and your household!
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For General Islamic Knowledge, please, attempt the questions below or alternatively follow the link 🔗underneath to take the quiz and submit your response.

  1. At what age did Prophet Muhammad become a prophet?

2. Prophet Dawud (ASW) is famously known for the story of Dawud (David) Vs?

3. Who was the 1st person to accept Islam during prophet Muhammad’s life?

4. How many brothers did Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) have?

5. Prophet Yusuf (as) possesed half the worlds?

6. Who was prophet Yusuf’s (as) father?

7. How many names does Allah (swt) have?

8. How many daily prayers did Allah originally ordain upon Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) ummah?

Q9. What was the name of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) 1st wife?

10. What was the name of Prophet Muhammd (pbuh) babysitter/ wet nurse as a child?

11. What is the name of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Father?

12. What prophet had a dream of seeing 11 stars, the sun and the moon bow to him?

13. What prophet was Musa (as) father in law?

14. When Prophet Musa (as) parted the sea, what did he strike it with?

15. What tribe did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) belong to?

16. Where is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) buried?

17. What is the reward of reciting Surah Ikhlas 3 times?

18. If you recite Surah Mulk daily, what does this protect you from?

19. What is the virtue of reciting Ayatul Kursi before bed?

20. Name the longest Surah in the quran?

21. In how many days did Allah create the Heavens and the Earth?

22. Why did Shaytan not bow down to Adam (as) when asked by Allah?

23. Name the shortest surah in the quran?

24. What surah was revealed first to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

25. What is the final surah in the Quran?

26. What was the last Surah revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

27. What is a hadith?

28. Linguistically, what does Shariah mean?

29. Which Angel will blow the horn to signal the final days?

30. Name prophet Sulaiman (as) father?

31. Who built the Kaabah?

32. What does Zam Zam mean?

33. What did Prophet Noah (as) build?

34. What is the name of Prophet Eesa (Jesus, pbuh) grandmother?

35. Prophet Eesa (as) had a cousin of a similar age who was a prophet too, can you name him?

36. How old was Prophet Muhammad at the time of death?

37. Over how many years was the Quran revealed?

38. What is the difference between a Rasul and a Nabi?

39. Name the 2nd prophet?

40. What significant world event happened during Prophet Noah’s (as) life time?

41. Where was the quran 1st revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)?

42. Name the prophet who was swallowed by a whale?

43. Name the prophet who was thrown into fire by his own people but did not burn?

44. Which prophet had control of the Jinn and was able to talk to animals?

45. Who was Prophet Ibrahim’s grandson?

46. What revelation was revealed to Prophet Eesa (as)?

47. What revelation was revealed to Prophet Musa (as)?

48. What revelation was revealed to Dawud (as)?

49. Name the angel who revealed the quran to Muhammad (pbuh)?

50. How many verses are there in the quran?

51. What does the word Islam mean?

52. What does the word Muslim mean?

53. What does the word Quran mean?

54. Muslims pray towards the Kaaba (Qibla), but what was the Qibla before the Kaabah?

55. How many years was their between Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Eesa?

56. Prophet Musa had a brother, what was his name?

57. Who was the enemy at the time of Musa?

58. What sea did Prophet Musa part?

59. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) beat the Makkah/Arabian champion of what discipline of self defense/ sport?

60. What creation is Shaytaan?

61. How many years ago was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) alive?

62. How many prophets existed?

63. At what age did Prophet Eesa (as) talk?


Q1-40, Q2-Goliath, Q3-Khadijah, Q4-11, Q5-Beauty, Q6-Prophet Yaqoob (as), Q7-99, Q8-50, Q9- Khadija bint Khuwaylid, Q10-Halima Sadia, Q11-Abdullah, Q12-Prophet Yusuf, Q13-Shuaib, Q14-A Staaf, Q15-The Quraish, Q16-Madinah, Q17-The reward of reciting the entire Quran, Q18-Punishment of the grave, Q19-You are protected from harm till sunrise, Q20-Surah Baqarah, Q21-6 days, Q22-Due to pride, Shaytan perceived himself greater than Adam due to Adam being made of clay and Shaytan being made of fire, Q23-Surah Al-Kawthar, Q24- Surah Al-Alaq, Q25-Surah al-Nas, Q26-Surah al-Nasr, Q27-Saying and or traditions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Q28-Islamic Law, Q29-Israfil, Q30-Prophet Dawood (pbuh), Q31-Prophet Ibrahim & Prophet Ishmaeel (as), Q32-Stop flowing, Q33-Ship, Q34-Hanna Binti Faqud Bin, Q35-Yahya, Q36-62/62, Q37-23 years, Q38-A Rasul brings a new message (law) while a Nabi follows the message (law) of the previous prophet, Q39-Prophet Idris, Q40-Flood, Q41-a cave on Mount Hira, Q42-Yunus (Jonah), Q43-Ibrahim, Q44-Sulaiman (Solomon), Q45-Yaqub, Q46-Injeel (Bible/Gospel), Q47-Taurat (Torah), Q48-PSALMS (Zuboor), Q49-Gibra’eel (Jibrīl), Q50-6236 verses, Q51-A person that submits to God, Q52-A follower of the religion of Islam, Q53-Recite, Q54-Al Aqsa, Q55-600, Q56-Harun (Aaron), Q57-Pharoah, Q58-Red sea, Q59-, Q60-Jinn, Q61-, Q62-124,000, Q63-At birth

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